I’ve always been fascinated by history.  From ancient Greece to the modern era, history class was one of my favorites every year.  Between, school, video games, and TV, I eventually fell in love with study of the many follies and achievements of the human race.  And by the time I was in my final years of elementary school, the WWII craze in media had fully taken affect.  I was one of the many swept-up by it.  Yes, an 11-year-old watching the History Channel religiously.  Band of Brothers could be found playing on my TV every night for two years straight.  I was so cool back then.

When Steven Spielberg decided to get into the video game business, he wanted to make educational games that the core gamer would have an interest in.  Under Spielberg, Dreamworks Interactive created the Medal of Honor series.

Of all the Medal of Honor games, my favorite has to be Frontline.  A spy-epic centered around shadowy Nazi plots and loveable side characters which spanned all across Europe.  Many of my relatively early gaming memories have spawned from this truly excellent game.  Thus, I bring you its main theme, otherwise known as "Operation Market Garden."

When it comes to big sweeping orchestral scores, Frontline nails it.  WWII is arguably one of the most tumultuous periods in human history, and "Operation Market Garden" captures that with great precision and elegance.

I love the usage of the young boy’s vocal talent during the opening moments of the piece.  He perfectly symbolizes the innocence the world lost during the wide-spread tragedy.  With drips of harrowing, somber, heroic, and tragic melodies, "Operation Market Garden" embodies the atmosphere of the war-torn 1940’s like few songs can.

As always, dear readers: sit back, relax, and enjoy.


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