Another elongated two week edition of WPM coming your way! Why? Because I’ve been busy with only a few specific games. If you’re wondering how I’m progressing on Wind Waker, I’m not. I’ve enjoyed it but couldn’t find the motivation to play it in the past couple weeks.


Number 1

Don’t Starve- PC- A quirky survival game from the makers of Mark of the Ninja and Shank. Don’t Starve places you in the shoes of Wilson, a crazed scientist who has be mysteriously transported to a world nothing like his own. While it first appears to be in the vein of Minecraft or Terraria, Don’t Starve fails to improve on any aspects of either of those two games. What it does add isn’t all that noteworthy either. The Gothic sketch art style is about the only redeemable quality to be found but it’s not enough to save the experience. If you’re still curious about Don’t Starve, you can check out my full review here.








Number 2


Monaco:What’s Your Is Mine!- PC-This long awaited Seumas McNally Grand Prize winner of the 2010 IGF’s, is likely the most anticipated indie game of the year. For the past couple weeks I’ve been diving into this ragtime time-machine and pulling off heists left and right. Whether you're alone or with friends, Monaco is a blast! It’s the perfect mixture of stealth, strategy, and action jammed packed into  challenging level. I highly recommend you take a look but if you want more information, you can read my review here.

Sadly I couldn't find any official music on Youtube but here is a wonderful cover by Youtube user ThePandaTooth.







Number 3


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - PS3- Ah, my favorite Call of Duty to date. Modern Warfare found the perfect mixture of the classic Call of Duty feel integrated with customizable classes. It’s nice to see there is still an active community online who don’t play in hacked lobbies. For the most part COD 4 has held up well over the years. There are few minor annoyances such as how they handle muting and managing your party but the gameplay still exceeds any of the newer editions. Most levels are designed to support multiple play-types and are far more open than recent games. Yes, Juggernaut is aneurysm inducing but nothing game-breaking, as long as you avoid the aforementioned hacked lobbies.







Number 4


Dinner Date- PC- Yes, another one of those damn indie games. This one is especially heavy on the artsy fartsy, but I did rather enjoy it. Dinner Date has you play not yourself, not even the protagonist, but the protagonist's self-conscious. An intriguing concept for sure and executed wonderfully. As Julian Luxemburg waits for his date to arrive, you get to influence all of his actions. You can make him glance at the bread and he’ll consider starting to eat. Or have him constantly look at the clock in anticipation of his date's arrival. What I enjoyed most about Dinner Date, was Julian’s monologue. Thoughts, about work, social-life, sex, and other relatable thoughts for a 20-something year old single male plague his existence. He’s afraid he over-thinks and can’t relate to others. Something that goes through my mind often as well. Dinner Date is a short but sweet game based around a unique and relatable concept. While some may question if it’s even a game, I feel you should consider spending the measly $3 and try Dinner Date out.


Just like Home, which I featured a few weeks ago. Dinner Date is one of those games with such an ordinary title it becomes a pain in the ass to find music for.