A new Super Smash Bros game is a huge event for Nintendo fans. They only come once a console generation, feature tons of Nintendo characters, and can still be enjoyed years after the sequel has had a sequel. Super Smash Bros also gives any character that becomes a fighter a huge popularity boost, Super Smash Bros is the reason Fire Emblem games started being localized for example. So people listing who they want in the new Super Smash Bros is a very common thing to see on the internet, so I’m going to contribute to that trend because I can.


1. Isa Jo (Sin and Punishment)

(Isa punishes the competition!)

The protagonist of the second Sin and Punishment game. The only representation Sin and Punishment has gotten in Smash Bros so far is Saki (the protagonist of the original and Isa’s father) serving as an assist trophy in Brawl. Saki’s already been confirmed to be an assist trophy yet again, so its up to one of the other characters to represent the series as a fighter. Every playable character in Sin and Punishment would fit well in the game, so which one is more of a personal preference, mine happens to be Isa. Isa would move fast and have a lot of different specials to pull out, flying, using a charge shot, sword slashes that reflect projectiles. There’s also an obvious Final Smash for Isa, but that would be a spoiler, but Sakurai doesn’t care about keeping spoilers secret so he’d totally use it. The water tunnel or that train from the base in Mount Fuji would also make great stages.


2. Wonder-Red (The Wonderful 101)

(Wonder-Red Unite Punches in!)

The protagonist of the Wonderful 101, no, his name isn’t Wonderful 101 you stupid Miiverse posters. Despite the common misconception that the Wonderful 101 is a third party game, it isn’t, Nintendo owns it. Sakurai has already shown a trophy of Wonder-Red, but that doesn’t say anything about his status as a fighter. Phosphora was also revealed as a trophy, then Palutena was revealed and one of the screenshots on her page on the website shows Phosphora and Palutena in the Town and City stage. I could go on about how Wonder-Red isn't deconfirmed, but that’s not important. The Wonderful 101 got unfairly poor reception, so it could use some Smash publicity. The Unite Morphs provide Wonder-Red with plenty of moves to use, you can even save some for a second The Wonderful 101 rep and still give both different specials. 


3. Isaac (Golden Sun)

(Isaac shakes the earth!)

I haven’t played much of Golden Sun, but I believe its protagonist Isaac has a very good chance of becoming a fighter in the new Super Smash Bros. Isaac was one of the more popular assist trophies in Brawl, but he’s been suspiciously absent from prerelease coverage of the new game so far. Many newcomers have had their chances ruined via confirmation as an assist trophy (Skull Kid, Midna, Lyn and Saki for the second time in a row, Dillon, Magnus), but Isaac has dodged that fate so far. Golden Sun was one of the first GBA games to be put on the Wii U virtual console, so that means Nintendo didn’t forget it after Dark Dawn. 


4. Alex Roivas (Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem)

(Alex reads the enemy like a book!)

Eternal Darkness stands out from the other Nintendo IPs due to being a Lovecraft inspired horror game. Which also makes it doubtful Nintendo would put it in Super Smash Bros. Plus the game has such horrible luck that being the one Nintendo game to not appear in Super Smash Bros in some form would fit in with the moral of its sequel and spiritual successor getting canceled, the universe hates Eternal Darkness. If Alex did appear, she would represent a unique side of Nintendo (similar to how Game & Watch represents an often skipped over part of Nintendo history), which is why she’s on this list. 


5. Dark Pit (Kid Icarus)

(Dark Pit leads an uprising!)

One of many new characters introduced in Kid Icarus Uprising. Dark Pit showed up at the end of Palutena’s reveal trailer, and had been one of many proposed ideas for an addiitonal Kid Icarus rep. Dark Pit even arguably made his debut in Super Smash Bros Brawl, as one of Pit’s color swaps was basically him (he was even a commonly used concept in Smash Bros fan fiction long before Uprising was announced), not to mention Sakurai made both games. Despite what the name would imply, Dark Pit has plenty of none-clone potential (though every ‘clone’ plays more differently than you’d think, just look at Brawl’s tier list). One of the best things about Kid Icarus Uprising is the variety of weapons in it, and regular Pit is only using three of the weapon types. The staff, club, claws, and cannon are still open for use. I’d rather have more newcomers that represent new franchises, but Dark Pit would be a fitting addition in my opinion. He’s still a better request than Goku so shut up.


6. Bayonetta (Bayonetta)

(Bayonetta curses the competition!)

Bayonetta is one of the few (only) third party character requests that is both common and makes sense. Bayonetta 2 is a Wii U exclusive that only happened because of Nintendo reviving it, and with the original being packaged with Bayonetta 2, the Wii U is the one console with the entire series, all two games. Dropping the sarcasm, Nintendo put a lot of focus on Bayonetta 2 at E3 during the Treehouse stream, so they’re clearly trying to make up for the lack of marketing The Wonderful 101 got, and getting Bayonetta into Super Smash Bros 4 would give it even more publicity.


7. Krystal (Star Fox)

(Krystal komes to battle?!)

A controversial Star Fox character, either you like Krystal or hate her. While Adventures is the black sheep of the Star Fox franchise, Krystal’s inclusion in Smash Bros can make something good out of it (similar to how Zero Suit Samus’s impractical heels got turned into jet boots, Sakurai does what Sakomodon’t). While Fox used the staff from Adventures, it belongs to Krystal, so it’d make sense for her to use it. The recent announcement of a Star Fox stage in Super Smash Bros 4 has me hopeful we’ll see Krystal be announced or have Falco be confirmed to return. With the upcoming Star Fox game for the Wii U, putting Krystal in would be a good promotional move. Super Smash Bros is why I like Star Fox, so I’d love to see more of the franchise in Super Smash Bros.


8. Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles)

(Shulk sneaks in!)

The future seeing protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles, Shulk is one of the most common character requests for Super Smash Bros 4. Though a spiritual successor to a PSOne game, Xenoblade Chronicles is a Nintendo property, and one of the few new IP games from Nintendo to have attracted attention from the gaming media. Shulk would make a great fighter, as his backstab and sequential attacks would fit right in with Super Smash Bros. There’s also the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X, which while not a direct sequel, would get more brand recognition through Super Smash Bros (similar to how the first Fire Emblem to be released in the west didn’t feature Marth or Roy despite Melee being the reason why it got localized).


9. Sakura Samurai (Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword)

(Sakura Samurai slashes in!)

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword was an early 3DS eShop game starring a nameless Samurai. The game had a combat system different from most games, where instead of swinging your sword like a maniac you had to wait for an opening by dodging your enemies. This could easily translate into a unique Smash Bros play style if Sakura Samurai (which is what I will call the protagonist due to a lack of a better name) joined. For example, rather than a stationary counter, Sakura Samurai would have a counter where he sidesteps forwards, if the enemy attacks, he strikes. Little Mac has an entire move set based around punching, so Sakura Samurai could work. That game just deserves more publicity okay, if the Ice Climbers of all people can get in, Sakura Samurai can.


10. Rundas (Metroid)

(Rundas rises to the challenge!)

I debated with myself a lot over who should be in this spot, but I decided to put Samus’s fellow bounty hunter Rundas from Metroid Prime 3 as the final person on this list. While just a boss who happened to have more story importance and personality than most (which wasn't much), other one-shot characters such as Sheik have been made into fighters. Rundas uses cyrokinesis, so obviously his moves would involve lots of ice. His defeat in Metroid Prime 3 gave Samus the ice missiles, so those should be his side special. Outside of that, the previously mentioned cyrokinesis should be enough to set the rest of his moveset apart from Samus.


Well that's all folks. I doubt some of the people on this list will be in, while I'm sure others are in. Regardless, I'm looking forward to playing Super Smash Bros and uncovering the full cast after avoiding the internet for three weeks to avoid some jerk spoiling it.