When the Wii U was announced, there was one question people were wondering about that still hasn’t been answered. The most recent Nintendo console on the Virtual Console for the Wii was the Nintendo 64. So, with the Wii U and Gamecube having the same generation gap as the Wii and N64, speculation began on the concept of Gamecube Virtual Console Games. It does make a lot of sense, the Wii had backwards compatibility with the Gamecube, so it did have every previous console represented on it. With the lack of Gamecube backwards compatibility on the Wii U due to how hard that would be to pull off in addition to Wii backwards compatibility, there is a good reason for Gamecube games to appear on the virtual console. With the fact that GBA games are now on the Wii U virtual console and Nintendo releasing an official Gamecube controller adaptor for the Wii U, Gamecube virtual console games are practically confirmed now, as the GBA and Gamecube were of the same generation and Nintendo now has to find some use for that adaptor beyond Super Smash Bros. So, here are ten Gamecube games I’d love to see on the virtual console sometime, in no particular order. 


1. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

This game was Nintendo’s first M rated game, and it was also their first horror game if I remember correctly. I’ve been thinking about trying out the horror genre with this game for a while now. What makes this game stand out besides the company that owns the IP is the sanity effects. You have a sanity meter in this game, if it goes down enough you get to experience horrifying sanity effects. They don’t just target the character you play as, they target the player themselves. That’s why I want to try out this game, it involves the player themselves indirectly, which is something I find fascinating. There’s also the scope of the game, you play as many different characters across all of human history, which sounds very promising in terms of cast and keeping the gameplay fresh. Also, this game has had such an unbelievably sadistic chain of events (one that would take a good amount of space to properly describe) happen to its sequel and later spiritual successor that it deserves a VC release.


2. Mario Power Tennis

Yes I know, ‘oh great another Mario game,’ well shut up its my list. I loved playing this on the Gamecube when I was a kid. For whatever reason, my copy of it vanished. I’d like playing this game again, it was a lot of fun. As the name declares, it’s a tennis game with Mario and the gang as your playable characters. It was a good tennis game, and a very funny one. Each character has a unique victory cut-scene after beating the tournaments, as does each combination of characters in Doubles. They tended to be very funny, it felt like a nice reward for beating the game with them. It also has special games that really make it feel like a Mario game, such as fighting against a giant mechanical Bowser. There were also unique power shots that could be used by each character that were fun to use. Okay fine the real reason I want this is pure nostalgia, that’s half of what the VC is meant for anyway.


3. Skies of Arcadia: Legends

Like the Sonic Adventure games, Skies of Arcadia was a Dreamcast game that sought refuge on the Gamecube after it was discontinued in the form of an enhanced port with new features. I have a friend who has a Dreamcast and loves this game, she told me it was amazing and even showed me the first few minutes, which sold me on it (I discovered Jet Set/Grind Radio in a similar fashion). Its a JRPG about Sky Pirates, let me repeat that, sky pirates. I’m also familiar with the protagonist Vyse via Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, where Skies of Arcadia provided one of the best race tracks. So with all the times I’ve seen this game mentioned and heard good things about it, it feels like a good move to play it. 


4. Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg

For those unaware, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is a 3D platformer made by Sega where you’re in a magical Rooster Suit. You did not misread the last three words of that sentence, the main character gets his powers from wearing a rooster suit. Despite being made by Sonic Team, its more like Super Mario 64/Sunshine in pace, you go around one of the areas and complete a mission to snag an emblem, each area has their own theme and multiple missions, not all of which have to be beaten to see the credits. What sets this one apart is the usage of eggs. You can use them to roll over enemies and pull off other platforming tricks, if you collect enough fruit you can hatch the egg, which will you give a little animal companion to fight with you. Yes its weird, its also awesome.


5. Chibi-Robo

A cult classic where you play as a tiny robot in an ordinary family household and do things to help the people in it. Its hard to describe the appeal of it, which is why I want to try it out. Its basically a game about helping people and I’ve heard it has a touching story. I don’t really have much to say about this game, it just sounds really interesting so Nintendo should make it easier for people to try it out. 


6. Sonic Heroes

I loved playing Sonic Heroes when I was younger, but like Mario Power Tennis I somehow lost it. Sega and Nintendo have formed a tight partnership recently, and the Gamecube was where it began to form. I liked the team mechanic in this game, it was kind of neat switching who took the lead based on what you had to do. I can also still remember the Seaside Hill music, the music being awesome is the one thing people agree on when it comes to Sonic. While it does feature Big the Cat in the second of his three playable appearances before Sega declared he would never be seen again and controversially changed Shadow from a one-shot character to a series regular, it did introduce Omega, who is awesome. While the Sonic Adventure games are more likely and more logical choices that I expect to see before this, Sonic Heroes shouldn’t be left out. 


7. Kirby Air Ride

Sakurai seems to be thinking back to Kirby Air Ride recently, with Rosalina’s trailer for SSB4 deceptively looking like a trailer for a new Kirby Air Ride game in the first few seconds and the new Smash Run mode in SSB4 explicitly being compared to Kirby Air Ride’s City Trial mode. So it makes sense for Nintendo to put it on the VC now that everyone is thinking back to it. The game seems interesting from what I’ve seen of it, and City Trial mode sounds like a lot of fun.


8. Custom Robo

I really wonder how I never heard of this game when I was a kid. Building your own robots and using them in battle is awesome. There’s really not much I can say about this game beyond that due to my lack of detailed knowledge on it, or need to really. Giant robots that you can build, what more do you want.


9. Viewtiful Joe

The Wonderful 101 introduced me to the work of Hideki Kamiya, and I have decided he is a genius. Viewtiful Joe was one of the games he produced back when he was working for Capcom as part of Clover Studios. I’ve also heard good things about Viewtiful Joe in general, so its clearly a game worth trying. Also, fun fact, Wonder-Cheerleader from The Wonderful 101 was confirmed by Kamiya to actually be Silvia from Viewtiful Joe, with the real name slightly altered because Capcom owns the IP.


10. Wave Race: Blue Storm

The Gamecube had lots of first party racing games, and Wave Race: Blue Storm was one of them. It was an aquatic racing game where each track had different variants depending on the weather, which sounds cool. It was one of the Gamecube launch games, so it’d be fitting if this returned to launch the Gamecube’s entry to the Virtual Console service. Also, using cheat codes unlocks the most motivating announcer in video game history, by being such a condescending *** you’ll feel motivated to win just to spite him. 



Obviously these aren’t all of the Gamecube games on the Wii U VC, just some that I would most certainly download. Hopefully by the time Gamecube games arrive on the Virtual Console it will have sped up with its release schedule, its currently updating at a very slow pace. So, that’s it for this blog, see you all in one that’s actually good.