E3 is coming, while the show has certainly decreased in importance majorly, it still invites hopes and dreams for new games. So here's my list of unconfirmed games I want to see announced. Will all of these be announced? Hell no. But I can dream. And I'm not the best judge of the market, somebody else would be more qualified to gauge the likelihood of these games.


Sin and Punishment 3 (Wii U)

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor was one of the many great Wii games everybody ignored. It's an on the rails with shooter with a bizarre plot that you need to read the manual to understand. The original was japan only, but it got translated on the Wii VC and I'm waiting for it to come to the Wii U. Anyway, the gameplay would work great on the Wii U, it'd be like the air segments in Kid Icarus Uprising but with less people whining about the untraditional controls. And with the option to use the Star Successor controls. In terms of story, it'll most likely continue where Star Successor left off.


Chance of being announced: Low (not popular enough)


Playstation All-Stars 2 (PS4)

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is easily the best multiplayer experience I've had on the PS3, and I'm hoping they make a sequel for the PS4. It would work out some of the problems I have with it, such as a need for more fulfilling unlocks and better combat trials (I don't want to do the same trials over and over again with different characters, put in more variety).


Chance of being announced: Medium (Would probably need a new dev)


Prince of Persia 2 (Multiplat)

Just so we're clear, I'm talking about the 2008 one. I liked it a lot. The sequel should pick up where the last one left off, it would be interesting to see the state the world is in after the ending. The exploration should stay the same, the combat could use a bit of an overhaul. Less QTE's (I swear a good half of the later Corrupted battles were QTEs) and an easier way to counter attacks. I just want to see this incarnation of the Prince and Elika in a game again, the relationship between them was the best part of the game.


Chance of being announced: Low (Screw you Sands of Time continuity)



F-Zero UX (Wii U)

I'm hoping this gets announced, Nintendo does seem to be promoting the old games, and it had an attraction in Nintendo Land, so Nintendo clearly wants to do something with the series. I'm not entirely sure what could be added to a new F-Zero game besides online multiplayer, but I'm sure the developers will think of ways to keep the series fresh (then again, after an entire console without F-Zero, I don't think it's under much pressure to change, at least not as much as Mario).


Chance of being announced: High (Nintendo seems dedicated to introducing the series to more fans, but we probably won't hear anything about this until after the Wii U Mario Kart game comes out)



Star Fox U (Wii U)

There's been some hints Retro could be working on this, but nothing official. I'm going to be controversial here and say it should be like Assault (don't start the angry mob, finish the rest of this sentence first), but with more on the rails segments like 64 along with the branching paths. I haven't played Command, but I do know it has multiple endings, so possibly some of that game's story variation. The multiplayer should be like Assault with online and different modes (a mix of the standard types and more unique ones).


Chance of being announced: High (as stated earlier, it's been rumored for a long time Retro is working on a new Starfox game)



Rhythm Thief 2 (3DS)

Rhythm Thief and the Emperor's Treasure is a great rhythm game with a good story. What I'd like to see are new rhythm games alongside the good ones from the first one (and no Gyroscope ones, at all, they sucked). There's really not that much you can say about rhythm game sequels, just put in some great new music with fun mini-games attached and a story that manages to have the same impact as some of the moments from the first game. 


Chance of being announced: Low (Sega isn't in the right situation to release a sequel to an obscure game)



Star Wars: Rogue Squadron IV (Wii U)

I'd say Battlefront III, but I'm sure that was announced to exist and then canceled. I have good memories of Rogue Squadron III's multiplayer and it's flying levels in single player. Just take out the on-ground segments and enhance the speeding and flying gameplay. EA, don't you dare ruin this, just give the license to a good developer and keep your hands off of it after that.


Chance of being announced: Low (series developer shut down, exclusive Star Wars video game rights belong to EA now)



Shin Megami Tensei compilation (multiplat)

Megaten is getting more popular with each game, and Atlus has been giving it's Western fans the games they've missed out on whenever possible. However, we're still missing the series origins, so I'm hoping we get a compilation remake of them. It'd include the first four games (Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei, Megami Tensei 2, Shin Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei 2) in a single package. It's very unlikely, but I can dream. At least give us SMT and SMT2, possibly with Nocturne thrown in.



Chance of being announced: The most unlikely of the bunch


Here's hoping games we want get announced at E3, and that I write more blogs.