Well, I did it. I actually managed to pull this off. I didn't miss a single day. This challenge has helped me as a writer, I've gotten better at just writing things down. So I figure that the best way to show this is to have this final entry dedicated to my writing itself. So I present to you, the most recent draft of my story idea that I wrote about for Day 3, which has been using the tentative title "Changed" so far, yes, I'm still looking for a decent name. Also, it's an early draft, don't say I didn't warn you.



Sakura reflected on everything that had happened since that day. She had been kidnapped, discovered she was the reincarnation of Amaterasu, and had been changed beyond recognition along with six other people. She had already called dibs on getting revenge on whoever was responsible, first she had to find out just who that was. The introductions with the other people quickly turned to planning on how to escape, and now they were waiting for it to work. She was interrupted from her thoughts by one of the others. "Sakura, stay focused. You look zoned out."

"I know Joed, but this is taking so long. Why did Relo have to ask for something that isn't needed for our survival?"

"Hey, I'm new to the entire planet. It hasn't been exactly hospitable so far." Relo was an alien, though by the time he was thrown into the room he had been modified drastically, according to him at least.

"I'm also curious, I want to see modern Mid- Earth and how it's changed." Baldr was the only one of seven not enraged by what had happened, instead he simply asked the others about the modern world. The others had to explain Democracy, Feminism and the Internet to him. 

"But you had to ask for something modern. This place is probably miles away from civilization, and we only have one guard allowed to open the door outside of whoever's the boss. You could of asked for something a little more basic" Sigurd was the most anti-social of the group. He refused to share anything about himself besides his name and tended to antagonize the rest of the group.

"You only told me to ask for something, I had no idea it would take so long to get it."

"Please, just stop fighting. There's no point." Saki looked around the room uncomfortably, it felt awkward for him to move thanks to the eight wings.

"I hate to say it, but preacher kid has a point. Let's focus on executing the plan, if we botch it up we're screwed." Malcolm was fiddling with a can of graffiti, focusing on the door. The door began to open, everybody got into their positions.

"Hello young masters, I brought what master Relo and Baldr asked for." The guard handed Relo a bag, and was knocked out by Baldr.

"Sorry, please don't be executed for this." And with that, everyone dashed out the door.

"Okay, what do we do now?" Saki clearly wasn't used to running, everyone could tell by the way he lagged behind. Baldr grabbed his hand.

"Find and kill whoever put us here, and remember, I called dibs."

"I thought Amaterasu was kind and forgiving goddess."

"Her reincarnation is a completely different person just with the same soul."

"Is that really true?" If they weren't running, Sakura would've punched Sigurd.

"Let's just get out of here, it's too risky to try fighting whoever did this to us." Malcolm moved like he was on roller skates with the precision of running.

"I agree, violence never solves anything." Saki's wings had somehow managed to curl up behind his back, you could only see them from behind Saki now.

"Way to cram your beliefs into my plan."

"Look ahead, I can see the way out." Relo's declaration of the obvious caused Saki to focus more on running then arguing with Malcolm. The team could see sunlight outside of the door at the end of the hallway. They increased speed and made it out, not looking back until they were deep in the surrounding forest. Finally they stopped.

"So, the facility was in the middle of a forest, excellent choice of location."

"Sigurd, don't praise the enemy. And I think we're lost." Sakura did feel better now that they were out, even if she didn't know where she was.

"Don't you see, that's why it's brilliant. They gave themselves an advantage, I bet there are soldiers surrounding the forest waiting for us." Sigurd sounded like an excited fan describing his favorite Comic Book issue, which caused the others to wonder what exactly did he do in his free time.

"Let's not make any assumptions. First, let's find a more suitable place to rest." Joed began climbing the tree he was resting against. After some struggling due to the extra two arms, he managed to make it to the top. "I don't see anybody else, and it looks like the way out isn't that far away." Joed pointed in the direction they were previously running towards."

"Alright, then let's move it." Malcolm moved to tap Relo on the shoulder, who was busy observing the trees. He was stopped by Sigurd. 

"Actually, waiting here until we recover is probably a smarter move. It'll be easier to rest here until all of us are fully recovered. Joed, what does the area past the forest look like?"

"A beach, with a pier plus a boat big enough for us and it looks fast."

"How far away is it?" Baldr got up from the tree stump he was sitting in.

"Not that far, if everyone's feeling okay we could make it there quickly." Joed began climbing down, "I think I'm starting to get used to having four arms I me- Ow! Stupid branch, just as I was feeling confident." Once Joed had the time to recover from accidentally hitting a tree and had gotten down, everyone took off running towards the pier.

"Okay, Joed you pilot. Start it the moment everyone gets on."

"Sounds like what I was planning on doing anyway."

"Please, save the talking for after we escape."

"I agree with gramps."

"I'm not your grandfather."

"You're old enough to be my grandfather's grandfather." The glare Baldr gave Malcolm shut him up instantly. Saki made a mental note to stay near Baldr. Everyone jumped on the boat and Joed started the engine.

"Please keep all arms, legs and wings inside the boat at all times. Failure to comply will result in being forced to listen to a combination of 'Baby,' 'Friday' and 'Call Me Maybe' in the wrongest way possible." 

Joed's joke did little to relieve the tension everyone felt as the distance between them and the facility grew, and the fact that Baldr and Relo didn't get the joke anyway. It was only when the beach had disappeared from sight that they relaxed. And even then, nobody spoke for sometime. Because all of them realized a fact they tried to ignore as they planned and executed their escape. They had no idea what to do next.


                                                                           End of Chapter 1

And that's the current version of the first chapter. It's basically a Cold Open, the next chapter is spent entirely on the boat developing the characters and their relationships with each other. I'd be lying if I said I liked this version, but that applies to everything I write. I could go on and on about how I suck at showing and not telling and many other writing things. I already have at least parts of chapters 2-4 written out. I'd really appreciate criticism for the current draft (even if I'll have to force myself to read it despite wanting it)