If there's one assumption I hate, it's that some things are "Just for kids." It's why I loathe the average Nintendo hater, and there's sadly many cases where all Anime is assumed to be for kids. And there's the stupid assumption that all Video Games in general all for kids, explaining why so many parents don't bother to pay attention to what their kid is playing. Why else would people blame M games for corrupting our youth.


The reason why most Nintendo games (and others, like Ni No Kunni from what I've heard) are so successful is that they appeal to all ages. For example, the Wind Waker had themes that went against it's cute art-style, allowing kids to focus on the fun gameplay and the  story while older players could spot the deeper, more subtle themes in it. Super Smash Bros has gameplay that's easy to get to understand at first, but in reality there's a very deep metagame behind it all. And on Pokemon, read some of the Pokedex entires, let's just say that Unova has a lot of bridges for a reason.


Pixar movies are also famous for this little trick. The movies are highly entertaining for kids, and there's some stuff for the adults. For example, WallE is the only post-apoclaptic animated movie for kids I can think of. And then we have Up and it's heartbreaking beginning. I really question the intelligence of anyone who thinks something is only for kids when it's clearly enjoyed by adults.


This is one of the few topics that gets me angry that I can write a blog on without devolving into a giant multipage rant on how much our society sucks. I'll just keep it at this so I don't end up getting too angry. Don't even get me started on the crazy double standard Comic Books have/had to endure.