I have very fond memories of playing Super Smash Brothers Melee with my brother and sister, and there's one thing I remember in particular. We had made up our own story for the game. It wasn't that thought out, basically Peach had turned evil and had Bowser and Ganondorf as her evil minions, opposing them was every other playable character. But it was just so fun (and looking back on it, completely random to a hilarious level). I guess what stood out about it was how we could just do that, nothing in the game that went against us. I'm a fan of scripted stories in games, but I like being given the tools to be creative.


Something I've noticed is that more games are having some kind of level editor. I haven't really fooled around with them that much, but I find that they're a little hard to use. Like the ones in Blizzard RTS's, I took a class on it and I still don't understand the Warcraft III editor, let alone the complex tool that is Starcraft II's editor. A friend of mine summarized it best (not exact words) "The good thing is they gave you everything, the bad part about it is that they gave you everything." Super Smash Brother's Brawl on the other hand, had an extremely limited editor that didn't give that much freedom. I just can't figure out how to make the good editors work, I know I could do all sorts of crazy things with the Starcraft II editor if I learned how to use it.


I guess what I'm saying with this is that like being given creative freedom in a game. I don't even a need an editor, just give me a fighting game like Melee where there's a lot of freedom with options and characters without any story and I can make up my own story. That's why I like Super Smash Bros (and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale from what I've played of a friends copy), that freedom to just play around with the characters.


I'm hoping more games have this kind of freedom, it makes it fun to play with friends.