This is a challenge that I only heard about recently, Four in February. There's really only one rule to it, and it's the purpose of the challenge anyway, beat four games in February. It can be any game, there just have to be four of them and you have to beat them in February. This challenge was made with the intent of cutting down on the dreaded backlog, so those with backlog problems probably shouldn't pick already finished games. After thinking it through, these are my four in February.


1. Scribblenauts Unlimited


I really like this game, but Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper currently has full control of my Wii U. It's a very fun and inventive game that I'm going to enjoy. Though I'll probably be unable to take anything by H.P Lovecraft seriously after this.


2. Xenoblade Chronicles

The plot is interesting, but the gameplay is just so grinding based. Regardless, I'm determined to beat this game. I just wish doing side quests wasn't practicality required to beat the bosses, the side quests aren't even that good most of the time.


3. Final Fantasy XIII

I think I was towards the end of chapter 11 when I last played. I had the classic "I'm stuck and there are other games to play" problem.


4. Pokemon White 2

Great game, but there were just too many other games at the time. That's how backlogs get started.


And that's my selection of what to beat. It's an interesting challenge that will help cut down on the backlog, so I'm taking it. Feel free to try it out if you also have backlog problems.