With the recent article about the Wii U, I started thinking about this blog idea and decided to write it. This is basically things I want for the Wii U, games, apps, etc.


1. Customizable Plaza


Just very basic stuff like changing the color, or adding some cool pattern to it. Basically, give it 360 and PS3 level customizable home screen, and then it'll be better then them even more.


2. DLC


There are games on the Wii U that have DLC available on other platforms, but not for the Wii U. Assassin's Creed III currently has DLC up on the eShop, hurry up everyone else. We know it's possible to put it up there now.


3. The ability to record gameplay


This one is really unlikely to happen, but I'd like it if it was made possible to record gameplay like on a computer. You could then post the video on the Miiverse, it's already possible for mods to do that, not to improbable to extend that to regular users (the sharing of videos, not the recording itself). Not really required, but I'd love it if it happened.


4. Miiverse communities for general discussion and upcoming games


Though this will probably happen via users once it's possible to make Miiverse communities. Still, want it. And I'm not entirely sure how user made Miiverse communities will work anyway, so trying to make something like that could end up failing.


5. Intelligent use of the Gamepad


What if there was a game where there were two versions of the cut-scenes, with major differences that changed places between the TV and the Gamepad. It'd work well in a game about madness and insanity. I can see it now, the works of H.P Lovecraft: the actually good Video Game. Also, more modes where the multiplayer is based around players having different information, Nintendo Land has some of the best local co-op ever. ZombiU's multiplayer also sounds like a good idea, but I'm refusing to support the zombie craze, I never liked them.


6. Digital Comics app.


So pointless and needless, yet I want it. So it's on the list. Live with it.


7. The HUD being able to be banished to the Gamepad


Do I even need to explain this one. Come on, sometimes you just want to look around without seeing all of that information.


8. Inventory Management on the go


The characters walk around the TV while the management is handled on the Gamepad, it feels less boring when you're also running around.



And now, onto games I want.


A third Sin and Punishment game that picks up where Star Successor (II if you're European) left off. First off, the Wii U could use a good on the rails shooter. And of course, it'd answer the many questions Star Successor raised in the true ending (hopefully without making even more in the process). Just give it Kid Icarus Uprising's controls and you have how it'll play.


An RTS, really, I just want to see how the genre would work on the Wii U.


A game which is basically Dungeons & Dragons the Video Game. The game master is the gamepad player, the others are the players. Admit it, you want this. Join me, and together we will force some random developer to make this game.


Various old franchises that could use new installments or even remakes like F-Zero, Mother, Starfox, Ballon Fight and various other series I'm too young to know about to reasonably ask for.


A game about taking pictures with the Gamepad, or alternately, a new Pokemon Snap game.


A JRPG where you control two parties at once. Think The World Ends With You, but turn based, parties member in the same zone as you and the two sides not effecting each other. I'm not entirely sure how that would work, but it'd be great. The random encounters would be handled exactly like they are in The World Ends With You, you can't be forced into them if you don't want it.



So that's about it. There's all sorts of things that can be done with the Wii U, let's try to avoid sticking just with what we know works. Gives us a game where you grow plants on the touch screen while fighting off thieves in a giant robot. Gives us all sorts of wacky and out there ideas so we can see what works. Pokemon was initially assumed to be a inevitable failure by Nintendo themselves, looking at Pokemon today, that's hard to believe. So in conclusion, I want to see all sorts of new things with the Wii U, both Gamepad related and not.