I've given a reviewing a shot a couple of times, but I haven't written any in a long time. A discussion in the Comic Book group here led to me trying to write a review of a Comic Book, so here's my review of Uncanny Avengers #1.

First thing you should know about this issue is that it's dedicated to set-up, it's more focused on setting up and establishing plot threads then anything else. So if you want something action oriented, this probably isn't the best pick. It does do a good job of what it does, it establishes character dynamics and where the plot is headed. One thing to note that doesn't really impact the rating is that the first and final scenes are a little disturbing, but they do serve a clear purpose, so at least it's not mindless.


This issue is just filled with great moments, it's too hard to pick a favorite. I'd also recommend this issue to anyone who wants more resolution after the events of Avengers vs X-Men, it feels like both the start of a new series and an epilogue to the storyline. This does have the effect of making things feel a little unexplained if you're not familiar with the previous stories. I had to do some research to realize exactly what Rogue was yelling at the Scarlet Witch about. The argument did do a good job of establishing the relation between the two, but it's easy to make some misassumptions about what had happened exactly if your a newcomer like me.


And now onto the art. The character designs are nice and the few action scenes flow well. The text fits into the art nicely and I like some of the techniques used to accomplish that. One issue I have is that some times character's faces don't feel detailed enough, most of the time the right amount of detail is used, but sometimes the characters just feel a little off when you look at the art closely enough. There's only three instances of this total, but its still notable.


In conclusion, this is a great start of a new series, but the references and resolution to past ones may confuse new readers. Overall, I'd say it's good for both people familiar with Marvel or just getting into the Marvel universe.