Continuing off of yesterday, I'm going to talk about the trailer for the new Monolith Soft game. We've known it exists, and know we have some footage. So, let's take a look at what we were shown, because we actually got footage, unlike Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem.


First off, the game is clearly a new Xeno game. The combat system is identical to Xenoblade, it has giant robot combat like Xenogears, and there's the giant red X at the end of the trailer. The fact that the mech is shown flying high above ground seems to hint that there's no loading screens between areas like in Xenoblade (which was massive even with them). It also looks like you can change which character you're playing as (who's in the party), like Xenoblade. I'm kind of tempted to call it Xenoblade 2, but I'll wait for official confirmation.


The combat is also similar to Monster Hunter, the enemies shown wouldn't look that out or place in Monster Hunter. It also seems to be more active then Xenoblade, there's plenty of jumping for attacks, and in one scene the guy with the sword and gun is attacking a giant monster, and the two other characters can be seen fighting a smaller one in the background, the giant tail spin the big monster is shown to damage everyone in that little background fight. Another much quicker scene shows the mech battling a giant monster, and the mech slices off the monsters horn, so targeting specific body parts may be a key part of strategy with the giant monsters.


Now let's go deeper, the trailer actually showed more information then most realize. First off, when the mech is being used, there's a gauge saying "Doll Cvel" not present in the scenes outside of it. So it looks like we have the name for the giant mech, if only it was better. More importantly though, the gauge implies that you can't go around indefinitely in the mech, you'll have to refuel eventually. This could end up being annoying if done incorrectly but considering the giant numbers shown, I don't think it'll be too much of a nuisance.

Another thing I noticed was the inconsistent translation, some words were in English while others were in Japanese. Also, I think the claims of this having online may actually make sense. In the second scene, when the characters are running up to the giant monster, there's what looks like a chat box on the left side of the screen.

Also, the names in the status boxes change from scene to scene, in the one with the chat box, it's player 1, player 2 and player 3. In the scenes after that, it's Tester. When the Doll is being used the status box for the player character is in japanese (can't find a picture of it). Also, in the upper left corner there's a mini map and a display of the time, so it looks like we're getting Xenoblade like passage of time. There's also the one cockpit view scene (again, can't find picture), which seems to say that's an option.

So in conclusion, there's some stuff we can say for certain and some very major questions that will eventually be answered when more news comes out about this game.