I've noticed that some of my favorite Video Game characters tend to get hated on by a lot of people, so it's list time. I really should stop relying on lists so much for this challenge, but I keep on finding myself with less time to write so it works.



Hope Estheim


I do not get the hate for Hope at all. He reacted pretty well for someone who watched their mother die and got cursed into a fate worse then death. The whole point of Hope is that he's just a innocent caught up in the whole mess, everything that happened to him in the first few hours of the game was because of somebody else. Really, he took it better then most people give him credit for, most would let a random monster kill them after going through what he did. If you don't want characters who dare to voice complaints against what happened to them, go play some generic shooter.


Yuzu Tanikawa 

Yuzu finds herself stuck in a situation that would drive most crazy, being stuck in Tokyo during a lockdown with a bunch of people and demons who want to kill her. She's dedicated to getting out of the lockdown, which is exactly the reaction most people would have. She doesn't have anything to gain and all to lose from staying in the lockdown. Ask yourself, would you want to stay in a locked down Tokyo with Demons running around and people using their power to get what they want. And if you need proof she's still taking it better then most, pay attention to how random NPCs deal with the lockdown, Yuzu took it far better then any of them.


Daichi Shijima


And now we move onto Devil Survivor 2, with Daichi Shigima. Like Yuzu, Daichi is just a normal teenager who wants out of the crazy stuff he's been dragged into. The difference is that while Yuzu knew she had somewhere to run to, Daichi had nowhere to run. With the world basically destroyed, Daichi has no promise of a better future insight. Not to mention that when he gained the courage to head to Nagoya alone on a request from JIPS, he got kidnapped and potentially saw someone die trying to rescue him. His cowardice after that is fairly justified considering that. And like Yuzu, he does grow out of it towards the end, enough to suggest his own way of handling things in front of the two most extreme characters in the game.


James Vega

While James is one of the least interesting Mass Effect squad mates, he doesn't deserve the hate he got. Look at it this way, you know how you should never judge a book by it's cover, that's exactly what Mass Effect fans did to James. The hate he got based off of his appearance alone is ridiculous, surpassed only by the reaction to the new look Dante has in the Devil May Cry reboot. James was a well written character who was simply ignored because of the previews, and this is just indefensible.


Ashley Williams


How Ashley gets called a racist by fans while Cerberus is loved is one of the many unanswerable questions about the Mass Effect fan base. Ashley's dog metaphor was not meant in the way fans took it, hell, she was probably thinking of humanity as the dog with what had just happened. The fact that all of these accusations go against her interactions with the alien squad members is proof enough the metaphor was taken far too literally. Also, if you want to see space racism, look at Cerberus, because newsflash, they're evil.


Kaiden Alenko

I was surprised when I heard people calling Kaiden "whiny." All he does is discuss his past at the biotic academy, he doesn't complain about his past and the abuse he faced like Jack. There's a difference between discussing your past and whining, Kaiden was doing the former.