This idea came randomly to me, and I needed something fun to write for today. So here's seven Video Game characters who would make an interesting team. I stayed away from the ones everyone would pick like Link and Shepard and considered what role they would play in order to make a more unique team.


Jim Raynor (Starcraft)

Obviously, the team needs a leader who knows how to get things done. Jim managed to overthrow a corrupt government and then started a rebellion against the new one after seeing it was also corrupt. Additionally, being a main character in a RTS means he has good tactical skills, in 2 he's the player character, so that means it was his tactics that got his rebellion through Starcraft 2, not a nameless general like in the first. He may lack power compared to many people on this list, but he's a good leader who has decent fighting skills. Any good team needs someone to come up with a battle plan.


Pit (Kid Icarus)

As of Uprising, Pit has proven himself to be a very skilled fighter. He has mastery of many different weapons, making him capable of adapting to any situation. Need a sniper, Pit can use a Staff, need a close range fighter, Pit can use a Blade. Not only that, Pit's powers help add to his variety, he's capable of shooting lasers, bringing up a deflective shield and healing himself. Also, he'll provide comic relief, because as Uprising shows, everyone loves making fun of Pit.


Neku (The World Ends With You)

Neku is on the list for a similar reason to Pit, adaptability. Neku is more limited then Pit, but is still capable of dealing massive damage and healing, a quality I highly value. Still, he has a good variety of attacks and his fusion attacks when partnered are deadly. He is also capable of using more different attacks during a battle then Pit, making him more adaptable in the middle of a battle then Pit. Also, Neku is a well written character who'd be interesting in a team.


Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII)


I haven't finished Final Fantasy XIII or it's sequel, but Hope earns a spot on the list. First off, I like him, I'm liking his character arc so far in the game. And second, he's a good support character. As a Synergist he can buff up the frontline fighters, as a Medic he can heal everyone (whereas Pit and Neku can only heal themselves) and as a Ravenger he can help exploit the enemies weak points. He plays an important role of support for the frontline fighters. 


Raphael (Rhythm Thief and the Emperors Treasure)

While Raphael is capable of knocking out fully armored knights with punches, his real merit to the team is infiltration. Being a thief, Raphael can sneak into the enemy's base and come back with all of their evil plans. Plus, as stated earlier, when the time comes, Raphael is a agile (yet fragile) fighter. When you need a job done, Raphael can do it, and he'll do it with style.


The Anguished One (Devil Survivor 2)


Like everyone on the list, the Anguished One is a character I like who can help fill out a role. In this case, he'd serve as the Tank, taking and dealing massive amounts of damage. He hits the HP cap within reasonable levels and has more balanced stats. Plus, with how skills work in Devil Survivor, he's capable of dealing massive damage with Megidoloan and then using Diahran to heal himself fully. While only capable of having three usable skills at a time, his high stats ensure he'll take and deal a massive amount of damage.


 Fuuka Yamagashi (Persona 3)

Fuuka would serve as the mission control for the team. Her ability to scan enemies to reveal their weaknesses plus being able to instantly teleport the team back to safety would be very useful. Not only that, but Arena shows that she can be the team's ace in the hole whenever they need extra help. While Fuuka wouldn't fight, her powers let her make sure the rest of the team has valuable information, and that's why she's a member.



And as for what would bring all of these people together, I have no idea, it was just a random idea I got from thinking about a Video Game equivalent of the Avengers or the Justice League. Really, if I weren't keeping this short enough to actually write, it'd be as big as the Avengers. All I know is that I feel sorry for anybody they face, except for the ones I hate, they probably deserve it.