Stereotypes are something that I find myself running into a lot. It helps that I'm into stuff that most people don't bother to understand. So here are some of the ones that get me very angry. Just so we're clear, I'm defining stereotype as a common judgement made about something that makes people connected to it offended.


Stereotype 1: All gamers are addicts.

Why it's just discriminatory propaganda: If there's gaming addiction, there's movie and book addiction. Seriously, I've heard people make assumptions like this all the time. Like when I mentioned that Assassin's Creed III had a six hour long opening that bored me out of playing it, someone said "You played a Video Game for six hours?" Seriously, the mental image is that deeply rooted in the outsider perception of gaming that every detail against it was ignored. Also, another person said that all Video Games are addicting and should be banned, like addictive substances. If gamers are addicts, then football players are football addicts.


Stereotype 2: Gamers are more violent


Why it's just discriminatory propaganda: We know the line between fiction and reality, it's kind of easy to tell the difference between Video Game enemy and real person. If you can't tell the difference, then something was wrong with you before you picked up a controller.


Stereotype 3: FPS's teach you how to shoot guns

Why it's just discriminatory propaganda: Ever heard of this little thing called recoil. And not being able to zoom by pressing the left trigger. Oh, and good luck surviving without healing by ducking under cover. Switching weapons takes more then pressing a button and I'm sure guns are very heavy, way more then a Video Game controller.


Stereotype 4: All Video Games are for kids


Why it's just discriminatory propaganda: See that giant M on Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, you know, the one with 17+ on it. That's the rating, try using it. 


Stereotype 5: Gamers have no friends


Why it's discriminatory propaganda: I've made friends because of Video Games and am very loyal towards my friends.


Stereotype 6: Girls don't play Video Games/ Guys treatment of female gamers


Why it's discriminatory propaganda: I have two friends who are both female and gamers. When one of them went with me to a local Video Game store, she got no stares from the guys and was treated like a regular person. I cringed when I saw what the writers of the Big Bang Theory thought would happen if a girl walked into a 'nerdy' store.


Stereotype 7: All fan fiction is bad


Why it's discriminatory propaganda: You know what thing besides Video Games makes me feel like a minority, being a fan fiction reader and writer. Seriously, I'm sick of it being used as the example of the worst writing ever. Go to Tvtropes, look at the recommended fan fiction pages, and realize how stupid this stereotype is.


Stereotype 8: All fan fiction is sexual fantasy/ romance


Why it's discriminatory propaganda: Again, I can name plenty of fan fiction that don't fit the stereotype. Just read what I said about Stereotype 7.


So yeah, there are a lot of stereotypes that make me angry. I've seen and been greatly offended by every stereotype listed here.

And something tells me my newfound love of Comic Books is going to introduce me to a whole lot more. Conventions have been the only place where I walk in a crowd and I feel like I'm actually part of a culture, and unless these stereotypes go, it'll stay that way.