Today, I'll be talking about the Miiverse, I'm actually surprised there wasn't a flood of blogs like these after the Wii U launch considering how it's easily one of the best things about the Wii U. First let me get the boring description of how it works out of the way.


The thing about Miiverse is that it's easy to access, it's right their on the TV when you start up the Wii U. It's divided into communities for each game, each community serves as a great place to just talk about anything related to the game. It also has 'yeah' as it's like, I never got the point of those anyway. You can also access it during gameplay via Home, it'll even be flashing to tell you if you have a notification, basically, when someone yeahs and responds to a comment you made or yeahed/replied to. You can post a screenshot of what you're currently doing in game, so remember, always share your hilarious exploits. 


One thing I don't like is the 100 character limit, it feels so restrictive, some people (including me) have even replied to their own post to add in things they couldn't in the original thanks to the character limit. How do those Twitter people deal with this tyranny. Now that we have the one thing I don't like about it out of the way, praise time.


The ability to make and post drawings is the best thing ever, that artwork is just so good. Makes me wish I was an actually good artist. The community is quick to respond to questions about quality and people struggling in the game, going to the Miiverse is now my solution to rage inducing problems in Video Games. You can't defeat the power of the Miiverse you stupid launching platforms! I've actually gone into the communities of games I don't have to see how people like it.


So in conclusion, the Miiverse is the best gaming network in my opinion. The community is good and it's actually helpful when dealing with problems in Video Games.