It's official, I've both jumped the shark and nuked the fridge, I'm doing a top ten list of all things. Somedays writing comes easily, others I have to resort to common topics like this. Also, I'm finally making progress on that story idea from day 3, so I kind of want to get to that. Yes I'm lazy, deal with it! Now that we have the excuses out of the way, let me list various signs you're playing to many Video Games, in no particular order.



You see buildings and think of ways to climb them. Come on, building climbing is the most important part of any open world Video Game, wanting to do it in real life happens to everybody, it's like puberty. Except it's not.



You make references nobody understands, because the masses are pathetic losers who haven't played The World Ends With You. Those zeta slow fools.



You mentally imagine a dialogue wheel while talking. Having a dialogue wheel in real life would actually be useful now that I think about it.



You hate Fox News for scapegoating Video Games.



You hear Video Game music in your head. Most likely after a rhythm game.



You have said "I've done this" at some point while reading this list. Yeah original, I know. I've already hired Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice to defend me in court, which leads me to...



You've wanted to point your finger at someone and shout "Objection!"



You think research works like it does in various RTS's, or wished that it does.



You have learned something new because of a Video Game.



You can't stop calculating digital roots. Wait, isn't ten more probable then this you ask. Well to bad, it's my list and I'm still obsessed with 999 despite having beaten it four days ago. It's that good. I demand that everyone should play that game. Even if they don't want to.

You know, this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was even worse.