You don't have to finish something to have a opinion on it, you only need to finish it to write a review. So, here's some impressions on Video Games I haven't finished


Warriors Orochi 3: Hyper


Currently my favorite Wii U game. The only other Warriors game I've played is Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, and I can safely say the people saying every game is exactly the same haven't actually played them. I'm loving the tag team gameplay and massive character roster. It's so addicting with all of the characters to grind and gaiden stages to unlock. Easily one of the better games on the Wii U.


Assassin's Creed III


The prologue is officially the worst and longest prologue ever. Boring tutorial, uninteresting plot so far and uncanny valley. The first five minutes are the most important, the fun shouldn't start after six hours. Congratulations Ubisoft, you've made the first Video Game with a prologue so bad I'm actively avoiding playing it. Remember this for everything else on the list, the first six hours were better then Assassin's Creed III's.


Scribblenauts Unlimited

This game is very creative with it's puzzles and the ways you can solve it. I love the humor and the crazy things you can pull off, like riding Cthulu while holding a laser sword and wearing a helmet. It's also a blast to play with friends, my friends had a lot of fun controlling ridiculous things. Also, Socrates with a Lightsabe- I mean Laser Sword, your argument against this game is invalid.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed  


A well-designed and difficult racer, I love it and I'm not even a Sega fan. It's just so addicting with the leveling system, though I'm thankful the cap is 5. The mods give a nice level of customization and adaptability to each character. It also has a lot of content, I'll be playing this for a while.


Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

I never finished the first game, but I like this one. I like the art-style of it, and being able to get side quests from my favorite Disney characters is awesome. My one complaint is that the limited paint and thinner can be annoyed, I don't have enough for a drawing or erasing far to often. But still, I like this game, I don't see why reviewers hated it so much.


Tales of Graces F

By far one of my favorite console JRPGs, second only to Persona 3. At the point I was at in the game, the gameplay was great and the plot was getting very interesting. Then my PS3 broke, got sent for repairs, and came back with all of my save data deleted for everything. *Insert long stream of curse words*



I admit, I don't remember much, it was beautiful, it was fun. Then I got to a required mini game I couldn't beat despite following all of the instructions. Then my Wii got broken, was sent to repairs and came back with all save data deleted. That stupid digging mini game prevented me from going back and restarting the game, but I'm considering doing so now that one of my friends has and loves this game. And when I do, I will destroy that mini game, don't ask me how, I haven't thought that part through yet.


I envy the fool who thought this was my entire backlog. I have way to many games in progress to finish, more then I can list. At least I'm starting to get better with finishing games, I hope. And apologies for how rushed this is, I was on a lengthy quest for motivation to do something for most of the day.