Today, I finished 999 and got the true ending. And now I'm left with the question of what to play next. See something happened (don't worry, nobody died or anything like that) that killed the urge to do… well anything. I was only able to play 999 because I was already working on it when said drive killing event happened. The only way I've managed to post these is because of the constant deadline. I've felt like this often, but this is the first time it's felt oppressive, probably because this time it was caused by an event and not free time boredom.


It's one of the reasons I'm taking so long to write this up, and why I have so many Video Games I need to beat. I suppose you could say I'm also doing the 31/31 to get out of it. When I get bored, everything seems like it requires to much effort, like pressing the power button on a Video Game console or reading a book, or writing. I can tell when I'm bored because I always end up searching the net because at least that's something.


I guess another factor is the number of things I have to chose from. I have so many Video Games I need to beat that it's hard to pick which one to do, and then there's all of my story ideas waiting to be written. This entire post is basically a result of not knowing what to do.


It's kind of funny, I found it so easy to write about how hard doing this challenge is when I started, but now that I'm deeper into it, it's actually harder to write about not being able to do anything.