As Video Game stories have evolved in ways that show this medium's differences from others, one trend has popped up that I have mixed feelings on. That is, to have collectable's that reveal additional details about the story or even give the story a completely new side. The most well known examples I'm aware of are the Secret Reports in Kingdom Hearts, I'm not aware of any earlier examples but I have an open mind when discussing when certain things were used for the first time.

(Kingdom Hearts is so much more important then it appears to be for Video Games)

This type of story-telling story is a very unique one. You have a traditional plot, but additional information that drastically changes it is know only to the player, not to the characters. With Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You, they flesh out the mythology of the world they're set in, giving the main plot more time to tell it's story. I haven't even gotten a third of the Secret Reports in The World Ends With You and I'm already realizing there was much more at play in the story then I thought.


The only other similar feature in a game that I know of is Ishtar's bones in El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. They're basically parts of a prophecy about the game that provide more details on the backstory. And from what I've played of it, 999 may actually be a very unique example of this. The different plot branches provide information you don't get in the others, but only one is canon (the true ending). I'm not sure if the True Ending will go Evangelion on me and involve reality hopping to let the characters see the other endings, but assuming it doesn't my point stands.


As stated earlier, I have mixed feelings on this. I love and support it, but I can never actually get all of them. My brother (and me) actually caved in and just youtubed the Secret Ending for Kingdom Hearts II because of how hard getting everything was. The requirements to get the Secret Reports in The World Ends With You are just plain hard, why am I expected to beat a unwinable boss fight, on hard, what were they thinking. And I only found one of Ishtar's Bones in El Shaddai, and I thought I had explored each level as much as I could.


So in conclusion, I love it when there's collectables that reward you with more information on the story, I just wish they were easier to get. Any other games with Secret Report style collectables that I should be aware of?