Welcome to this blog I made with Kid Ica. We'll be talking about Heroes of Ruin here as we both have it and played online together. So, let's get to the interesting stuff you came here to read, which isn't this paragraph.



Gaming Warthog: While a little to easy, the game is fun. I picked Gunslinger as my class and enjoy shooting enemies from a distance, sometimes before they're even on my screen if I get lucky. The Gunslinger is a very ranged guy, his powers are all ranged and are based on destroying enemies before they reach him. I like the leveling system, each level up feels earned so far. I'm trying to avoid max money and inventory because of how annoying it gets once you have it, all of that loot just sitting there. Potions are best used during boss fights, which are very tough. The streamlined loot system is brilliant, no more hour long inventory management.

Overall it's great, my one complaint is the lack of difficulty levels, lack of difficulty in general and the lack of variety between locations. This is a very solid game regardless of those complaints.


Kid Ica: Heroes of Ruin has very impressive gameplay for what is almost the equivalent of an MMO for 3DS. The game has long loading screens, especially when playing online, but after it has finished loading the game responds to your every move with fast and smooth graphics. Square Enix did everything they could to make the most out of all of the systems buttons and the bottom screen, without paying too much attention to any of the system's gimmicks. (3D, Gyro Sensor, Touch Screen.) In terms of controls and graphics, the game pretty much could've been done just as well on any other last gen or current gen handheld. (PSP, DS.) There are 4 different options for character classes, but really, it just comes down to 3 that are actually different. There's Vindicator, Savage, Gunslinger, and Alchitect, which in simpler words is close-ranged melee combat, close-ranged melee combat, long-range combat, and magic. Gameplay mostly consisted of taking on hordes of enemies and massive boss fights, but is occasionally broken up by a puzzle in order to open a door, or clear a path. The puzzles were very few, and usually pretty hard to solve, but they made up for lack of numbers with fun.

I don't have much to complain about when it comes to gameplay in Heroes of Ruin. I would've liked to see a few more puzzles, and maybe another digit added to your wallet, but to me, this game has the best online multi-player ever on a handheld system. If you have internet in your house, it's worth buying.



Gaming Warthog: Heroes of Ruin has some of the best online I've seen on the 3DS. It's like other lootfest games where you can join another player's game if he makes it open. You can search for games made by friends and ones with similar quests. I like the online because it lets me share loot I don't need and it serves as a good way to see other styles of play and learn new things. I actually discovered a quest by playing with Kid Ica. Playing with a friend for a while will build up your 'alliance' ranking, which provides more benefits as it ranks up, so teaming up with friends is encouraged without penalizing stranger play. Some quests and puzzles can be hard to complete so some extra help can be really useful if you don't feel like using a guide. Voice chat is enabled but for me I get some static when I set it to requiring me pressing the L button to talk, could just be me though, as no one else seems to have that problem.

Overall, I think this game has the best online gameplay on the 3DS yet.


Kid Ica: Square Enix has really been taking risks with 3DS games. First they had the crazy idea to make a Final Fantasy game that was, well, all about tapping the stylus to music from the series. Then they have this ambitious idea to create a multi-player focused action-RPG with drop-in and drop-out online play. I'm happy to say that Theatrhythm was not their only great idea this year. Heroes of Ruin has amazing, and innovative, online multi-player. It's the first game that actually makes good use of the system's built-in microphone with online voice chat, it has a well set up system that allows players to trade items and equipment they don't need, and all the other necessary features a 3DS game with online play should have. The one complaint I would have is the fact that at certain checkpoints or boss fights, you must gather your entire party to continue, and sometimes players will go afk for a REALLY LONG time.

It's not the best 3DS game so far, but when it comes to online multi-player, I would easily choose this over any other 3DS game.



Gaming Warthog: This game doesn't really have story as a major selling point. The world however is very interesting, even if the specific tale told in this game isn't that great. It does throw some very shocking plot twists at you, but it's not a masterpiece. Most of the story is told in via little storybook like cut-scenes which while charming, feel a little out of place. One of those scenes in particular was diminshed by using the same picture for most of it while zooming in and away from the characters to give the illusion of it changing. The voice acting really stood out as impressive towards the end, but the character models don't move their mouths, which kind of decreases the amazingness of the scenes.

Throughout Nexus are various tomes telling more about the world. They cover subjects like the different races in Veil and the other cities. The world really is impressive and feels very mapped out, like I'm only seeing part of it. The tomes make me feel like this game is just one of many stories that could be told in this world. So in terms of world building, I'm rather impressed. The world gives off a very destroyed feeling, civilization is basically reduced to three cities and a couple of wandering tribes.

Overall while the story itself suffers from a bad presentation and isn't a masterpiece, the world is amazing and makes me want to see more. Basically it's like Halo, uninteresting story, very interesting world. Just don't pick this up if you want a good story, pick it up for the gameplay.


Kid Ica: Heroes of Ruin has a well designed world that is somewhat open to exploration, but usually all the alternate paths lead to a dead end. The story is nothing for Square Enix to brag about either, in fact, the story doesn't get that interesting at all until the final cut-scene which occurs AFTER YOU BEAT THE GAME. Yes, I mean after you beat the game. After you finish the credits, after you defeat the final boss, after your entire adventure is over. It's kind of just plain disappointing. The game had a few books and tomes scattered around the world with interesting dialogue relating to the story, but that was it. The cut-scenes took place in such beautiful environments, which is kind of sad given they were pretty much some of the worst cut-scenes I've ever seen in a video game. The characters in the cut-scenes looked like they had been drawn by a child right around my age on a piece of paper. I'm not exaggerating when I say that.


The world of Heroes of Ruin was an interesting one, but they could have done much more with it. As for the story, I think it's a bit beyond repair. 



Gaming Warthog: I'd like to see some patches ASAP. There's one act IV gamebreaking glitch I've heard about that lead to me avoiding all online during it. Also other minor things but really, I'd like to see N-space take the time to adress some of the bugs and glitches in this game. Some DLC would be nice. I'd like to see difficulty modes and a NG+ option added in either by patch or free DLC. Some new and more varied areas would be nice. A place to just store your items would be nice, as having max money and inventory is very annoying and happened to me a couple of times.

If there's a sequel, I demand character models with moving mouths. And a better presentation of the plot in general, the tale Heroes of Ruin told isn't the best Veil has to offer. Really, presentation is where the game kind of fell down a bit. Give each location it's own feel, not the entire *censored* area, the Coral Tombs was the worst in that regard. Basically, make the effort put into designing Veil show, not just through tomes that you can play through the entire game without noticing. Let the visuals and the writing of the specific tale being told show off how interesting of a place Veil is.

Overall, Harder and better presentation is what I think N-Space should try to go for. I see a good future for Heroes of Ruin as an IP if N-space and SE put in the effort. Though the timing of release (right between a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts game, for the same system, what the heck were you thinking SE) makes me worried it'll fall off the rader.


Kid Ica: I wouldn't buy a sequel to the game if it was made, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't need major improvement. If it does get DLC or patches, a few main things I'd like to see would be a way for players who don't have voice chat enabled to communicate with people who do have voice chat enabled, more creativity with the Daily Challenges, and more content. And if there is a sequel, better graphics and better story would be my 2 biggest wishes. And different difficulty settings would be cool too.

When I think hard about it, there are plenty more ways for this game to improve, but focusing on one thing at a time seems to be many game developer's goal these days. But for a game like Heroes of Ruin, 1 major improvement isn't enough. Don't release a sequel with improved gameplay but still an equally terrible story and painful to watch cutscenes. If just one feature of the game is improved, and they're going to try and make us pay $30 or $40 for it, then I say, screw you Square Enix.

Even without all the things DLC or patches could improve, the game offers the best co-op multi-player the system has seen so far, and I would be excited to see a Wii U sequel or even paid DLC for the game.



Gaming Warthog: Overall, while this trip to Veil was flawed, it was a lot of fun. I hope the game sees a lot of improvement through patches and DLC. Heroes of Ruin isn't a masterpiece but it's a good game. 


Kid Ica: When I think about all the other great games Square Enix has already made for the DS and 3DS, I realize that this game kind of just sucks. But this game offers something that deep down inside is even more important to me than the gameplay itself, online multi-player. And if there's one thing that Square Enix is always good at with their most famous games, it's improving.