Thearythm: Final Fantasy came out for the 3DS last week and brought with it the first DLC for the 3DS. Actually it brought the first eight DLC for the 3DS and more are coming. So here's everything you need to know and my impressions of the DLC (downloaded all eight of them). Because music game DLC is rather short I'll just cover things generally.
                                                           General information
      DLC is saved to the SD card. You can purchase DLC after collecting a certain amount of Rythmia. Once you do, there will be a little button thingy on the bottom of the file select screen. Click on it and it will take you to a screen where you can view and buy each DLC. Money used is the same as in the Eshop, so you have to go the Eshop for more money if you want to buy one but don't have enough in your account currently. Each song costs a dollar each. You're told when it plays in it's game of origin and given a brief description of the song. There are two types of songs you can buy, Battle Music Stages and Field Music Stages. 
     You can only play the songs in Challenge mode. Once you buy them they have their own category, well two actually. The two places DLC songs fit into are DLC songs from I-IX and DLC songs from X-XIII. Each song is treated like a normal challenge mode song, everything that applies to the encore songs applies to the DLC songs. Meaning all three difficulty levels, item drops and EXP gained for clearing the song along with only being able to be played in Challenge Mode.
                                                    General Impressions
     The song selection here is nicely varied. They made sure to not give two DLC songs for one game in this batch. They feel like they're a full part of the game and not just an add-on. They're not that different from the Encore songs minus the whole DLC thing. I don't like how disconnected it is from the Eshop so I hope they add in the option to buy the DLC from the Eshop in a future update. Overall I say the DLC sets a very good trend and I hope most future 3DS games follow in it's example while improving it.
                                                    Overall Review
DLC for this game is nice. It has all three difficulty levels and the songs themselves are very good. I personally found a lot of value in each piece of DLC. In terms of DLC within this genre I'd say it's a case of good quality with good price. My favorite among the DLC songs would have to be A Fleeting Dream. 
                                                     Closing Thoughts
I really like the DLC for Thearythm. It's good quality and doesn't have a disconnecting aspect of it like so many pieces of DLC. DLC on the 3DS is most certainly off to a good start. I do wish the DLC is more then just Battle and Field Music Stages. Regardless I'm looking forward to the coming DLC, which include songs from the spin-off games.
Discussion Question
What do you want to see from future Theatrythm DLC? New characters and Event Songs, or more Field and Battle songs? Any specific Final fantasy game you'd like to see DLC songs from?