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Re: Are you pumped for Call of Duty Black Ops?

 Seriously, the fact that "No, if it isn't Infinity Ward, it isn't Call of Duty" has gotten to 45.5%, as of this writing, is saddening. Have people no faith in Treyarch? I know lots of you still play CoD: WaW, if only for Nazi zombies as the occasional deathmatch or so, but Treyarch has done an incredible job keeping the CoD formula intact (if only for WaW), so I see no reason as to why you guys wouldn't be excited for yet another Call of Duty from a excellent developer. Not all of their efforts have seen the success of others in the genre (I'm talking about multiple games of multiple genres), but they have still crafted some fun games. I really am pumped. AS long as they don't f*** it up like Rogue Warrior did, I'll be excited for this new Call of Duty game until its release in November.


Please comment and rate. Wow, it sounded as if I was on YouTube there...

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