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I read an article recently about Xboxone when they talk about how much value there console has.  They swear up and down that the Xboxone has over $1000 dollars of value.  After thinking about it they are right. They have multiple services at your fingertips that you can use with ease.  But what I think Xbox has overlooked is if it is needed or not.  Some people just like to game and have no interest in TV or movies or services.  Why pay for something that is $500 when you don't even want all of the services provided to them.  Yes I like having an internet search engine on my console but also that's what my desktop or laptop is for.  Netflix and hulu are widely used yes but there are many streaming devices out there including a competitive console that is $100 dollars cheaper. Then lastly the camera that is forced on you at launch.  I personally have no issue with the camera but I don't want to pay extra for something I probably wont use for its primary function which is gaming.  I know Microsoft's focus went to being more of an entertainment system rather than just a "Gaming" console but that's the reason I think people ultimately favor PS4 this year.

Tell me your opinion on this whole issue and are you getting xboxone when it comes out?  Tell me why or why not in the comments below love seeing other people's views on gaming.

P.S. If anyone cares I'm getting PS4 first