This year has been a very weird one for me.  Im use to being able to go out and just get a great game and keeping it for awhile.  but as im going on in m life im noticing games are shortly lacking replay value all the time.  I know story games are a one time thing but i never really get sucked to some story games anymore, hell sometime i can go through a whole game and not know supporting characters names.  I feel like i cant go through a game more than once anymore to even get the same rich exsperiance i once had.  Even online multiplayer games are starting become lack luster (alot of it because they are all gun games). Over the coursae of months now ive been going back to my playstation 2 and my nintendo 64 and i have no problem playing through any of these games they are still amazing and ive beatin them multiple times.  Ive gone through great games such as jak&daxter, dark cloud, defjam fight for newyork, and various nintendo titles.  All of these games still give me a better feeling playing them than some of the insanly good looking games i see today.  But then again graphics dont make the game a good one.  And as for multiplayer games i suggest anyone to pull out an N64 invite your friends over and play super smash bros.,mario party, or diddy kong racing.  I bet you will sit there and have the time of your life win or lose and its not even 1080p, online, or a gun game.  Basically to wrap up the whole thing is i just wish todays games still had the same glow as they use to, or at least be able to consistantly throw out games like that. I would love to see what the new gen of consols will hold because E3 gave me alot of hope that good games are coming soon. So people please comment below i would love to hear others peoples perspective on this or at least have someone to have a conversation with about it.


P.S. Again if anyone who has been blogging or doing forums for a long time i always appreciate peoples advice and pointers and i know this probably has mistakes but i just like getting my word out there for now lol