Music is a very easy thing to just find in todays world but has anyone ever stepped back and got into music of gaming.  We all think about how cool music in games are but do we dig any deeper.  This week ive been going back through old games and looking up soundtracks and artist to actullly learn more about it.  Ive learned alot about how alot of games we love have music wrote for every moment in the game.  My favorite example is Dark Souls.  Out of most games tis is one you play majority without music.  This game only has music to the people who can reach each of the respective bosses and everyone of them has music to capture there own experience. Im not going to bore you to death about what im doing but i want to create this thread to know what is some of your favorite music in gaming.  If you shared it below i would love to check it out music is my life and i would like to see what peoples taste in music is.  Because i know im not the biggest classical music fan but if its put in a game right it makes me love it.

P.S. I post things as a blog and a forum because i just like getting my word out there and hearing opinions so if you see this in a forum thats why.