Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... Intelligent, computer maneuvering chimpanzees- thank you all for getting this far in the podcast. Unfortanetly, at the moment you are actually just reading this paragraph... The podcast is attached to a link.

Last week, we were disorganized and rather unsure of what we were trying to accomplish. In one weeks time, we have turned that around. This episode has some more on-topic discussion of topics from the changing game market to where games should go to become more relevant entertainment mediums. Go on, use the link below and check it out. (Note, it's a pretty simple episode... Didn't bother with music, just got right into the show.)

Show Links:

Here are some links for topics we discuss, so if you want to check them out to be well-informed, that's cool.


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The Journeyman (Twitter:!/Thejourneyman66)

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