Okay, so this blog is the combinition of two things. One of them is a post by F.D post on a blog by Saint mentioning possible names for his proposed group. Being a LOTR's fan, I'll put in a short post about GIO members possible roles in the Lord of The Rings.


Aragorn- Saint

Since he is, probably, one of the most read frequent bloggers here- I'm nominating Saint.

Sauron- Demon Ragnorak

Since he is, the essence of all evil on this site (joking) I think Demon could easily take this role.

Legolas- Gamebeast23456

While I'm not the most important person on the site, I do my part, like everyone else.

Gandalf- Hist

This isn't a put-down to Hist (Gandalf is awesome), but he seems like Hist- you never know what he'll do.

Tom Bombadil- Feirce Deity (misspelled?)

He's just awesome, I guess.


If you think somethimg different, comment.