I went to see Toy Story 3 last Saturday at my local cinema. It was a fantastic movie, (somehow Pixar can make a better G rated movie than most companies can make a R movie.) and it brought me back to watching the first two when I was an early and late teen. I almost made the mistake of watching it in 3D before I realized that it was over an hour and fifteen minutes, and I can't wear those annoying glasses that long over my prescriptions.

The next day I went for a five hour Fallout 3 run, and my eyes repayed me in pain and invoulintary tears. I was obviously playing with my prescription glasses, and I got a severe head ache.

It made me think of the upcoming 3D attack on games, and I realized I had no chance wearing those things for even a fith of the time while I game. It would blind me, most likely. And I found yet another problem with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo's idiotic rush to 3D technology. My eyes hadn't a chance if I had to use 3D. Games like Killzone were once fun, but now they will be physically unplayable by some people.

I'm not going to blow my money, hurt my eyes, and wear those cheesy glasses.