Hey guys, so I decided to make this blog post because I'm a passionate person and like to share information when I here about it. 

How do all of you feel about the recent NSA scandals caused by the U.S Government and POTUS?

For those who don't know, here is a quick breakdown.


For over ten years, The National Security Agency of the USA has been tracking every kind of data on almost all of its citizens and foreigners alike. With just an e-mail address they have everything on you: Credit Card numbers, SS numbers, phone calls, text messages, e-mails etc. This is totally 100% in violation of the US constitution and privacy laws that we, the people, have fought (or NOT, in recent years) so hard to put in place. Not only have they been tracking information on people coming in and out of the country, but they've also been doing it to China(no surprise here right??), who lest we forget, owe every penny we make to. These two countries are waging a cyber war on privacy and information and using you, the people, as guinea pigs for their new technologies. 


The Xbox One is no exception to this blatant invasion of privacy: FOUR microphones and TWO cameras, alongside of ALWAYS being connected to the internet? They're spying on you. They are using this console to make sure that you're in check. Not a big deal you say, I don't do anything illegal in my living room, why should I care? Because this is just the start. If you let your government willingly do these things, then whats next? What else is the US government keeping from its people? The only reason we found out about this scandal was because Edward Snowden decided that this wasn't right. he took a stand, and now you should too. 


Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Lets get a healthy debate going on here, WHO IS PISSED AT OUR GOVERNMENT??


Edit: Source incriminating Microsoft as one of many tech companies who took part in the PRISM technology: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/07/prism-tech-giants-shock-nsa-data-mining

Edit 2: Of course Microsoft and other companies are going to deny they're not doing this. This post is entirely educated speculation. Microsoft isn't going to say that thats what the cameras and microphones are for but let me ask you: COME ON, really?? thats not the least bit fishy with these NSA findings??