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Am I bored or is this game that bad?


I've had issues before, with having too many games and not enough time to enjoy them. Two of my first blogs were about back-logged games, and my last status (updated forever ago) is about Black Friday purchases. Since then, I've picked up even MORE games. Between retail, arcade, and free w/ Gold -- I can finally say I have more sh*t than I can handle. Some of these games are time-vampires. I think knowing that is also keeping me from experiencing amazing content. And then there's my resistance to not completing something I have started. Since I purchased my 360, I've failed to complete one game (G.R.A.W. aka Ghost Recon Advanced War Fighter). It's just not fun for me. I'm currently having similar issues with Alone In The Dark. I'm not sure whether or not this is a new phase of my life, or if I just need to move on and feel the guilt for my lack of completion. There's honestly just so much good gaming (and entertainment) out there, maybe it's time I rationalize with myself that it is, not just unrealistic but, impossible to get to it all. Time to move on to the good stuff. Thanks blog. You always know what to say.