Dead Space is a very fun horror/action game, but there is one thing that everyone has issues with: the Markers. These twisted rocks are the bane of the Dead Space universe and produce the main enemies of the series, Necromorphs.

            I know a lot about the Dead Space universe since I have played the games, read the prequel novel and comics, and seen the movies. I also spent a lot of time on the Dead Space Wiki, studying what people had figured out about the Markers. After spending weeks on that site I have come up with several theories on the Markers.

*Note, these theories may contain some spoilers to the games so avert your eyes if you haven't played the games yet.

What the Marker is meant for:

            To be honest, this is what I had had the most trouble with when doing this blog. But there is one thing for sure: the Marker was meant to wipe out the dinosaurs and create the Human race (the Black Marker came to Earth on an asteroid).

From here on I can't figure out what the *** thing is for.  Some things in the series show that the Marker was meant to make Necromorphs to get rid of the Human race and make way for a new advanced species.  I think that aliens did this because of some sort of cycle made the Marker. They had a Marker that told them to make another for the Humans; they sent the Black Marker to Earth; Necromorphs took out that alien race. This supports the theory that the Black Marker is a doomsday device, and the time for Humans is up and it is time for Humans to make a Marker for a new race. This theory is possible because the Markers is already starting to make Necromorphs.

The second theory is that the Marker is only made to bring life, but is making Necromorphs because it is damaged. In Dead Space: Martyr, two scientists took a piece out of the Black Marker. These two scientists went insane and killed each other. Afterwards other scientists decided to bring it out from the ocean, a Necromorph outbreak occurred, and the scientists got information on how to build Markers. I think that this information was tainted because they got this information from a damaged Marker, which is why the Red Marker and Marker Site 12 made only Necromorphs.



Why Markers make hallucinations and their personalities (yes, they have personalities):

            Markers make hallucinations because when it tries to communicate to a human something in the brain goes off to protect itself and the person will start to hallucinate. The hallucinations the person will get will either tell the person to go away (the Marker) or to kill themself (the Necromorphs).  The Marker seems to have two personalities, though the average person will usually see one of them with some exceptions (Isaac for example).

            The Black Marker and the Red Marker have the same personalities: they felt bad for what was happening and it would have others try to reverse the damage that was done (Isaac and Michael Altman are examples). Marker Site 12 however showed no remorse in the game and seemed to want the Necromorphs to infect everyone. This may be because of the fact that Marker Site 12 was made from fragments of the Red Marker and information in Isaac Clarke's mind, mean while the Red Marker was directly from the Black Marker.


Well, that is all that I have for now. Post in the comments how you felt about the article and if you have any questions about Dead Space. I may post another blog doing it Q&A style.