Whooooooaaa this is *** cool and sweet! So basically what these are, are animations of video games redone to show extreme minimalism. Who doesn't love minimalism!? The street fighter one is the easiest to understand I feel. The other two, mainly Noby Noby Boy because I've never played nor heard of that game, are a bit more complex. Totally cool stuff though. Check out GameCity for more sweet things!

Some more background info on this:

"This year we commissioned design collective the Alaskan Military School to produce an animation package to communicate the ethos of the event. We recently launched a series of viral spots that are the first part of this collection of new work.

They each take one of our favourite games at GameCity HQ and translate them into a 15 pixel grid. It’s Hyper pixel minimalism! We realised that you can communicate the essence of great, iconic games with minimal visual information. I think this approach echoes the values of the festival, to take a sideways look at games, and foster a creative space.

GameCity is a lot of things, but most of all it’s an ongoing project to find out what a videogame festival could be.

Unlike a lot of videogame events, it’s not really a place to come and play them – we’d rather do that at home on the sofa. But if you do love videogames, you’re going to find lots here to enjoy. We’d like to think that there’s something at GameCity for anyone who’s interested in interesting things." -  David Surman

  (Via Kotaku and Tim Maughan Books)