Alright my friend Kennan gave me a beta invite to League of Legends today. I was excited as anyone else would be if they got a beta invite to any game, even if its the new Hello Kitty game. After starting it up, and having it update and blah blah blah, I am impressed, but still aggravated. I'll explain why Im aggravated later on.

So its pretty nice looking for what it is so far. Quickly look for a game. Have a chat on the left. All the news you need to know in the middle and useful things that I feel no one will check on the right. Great layout and sweet.

Now me being eager to play the game and not learn anything I quickly do a a tutorial. Though I have played DotA many times, and still hate it due to its complex game mechanics and timing I thought maybe things would be different. I play the tutorial, I kick some major ass, and I felt great. It told me I should play some bots, if I wanted to get better, and if I was feeling cocky to go play online. And I did.

So I quickly join a game and I am brought to this:

Alright so since I didn't spend ten hours reading up on every *** character to choose from I chose some random character. It was the lamest character ever too. His name?

Veigar! The tiny master of evil! Yeah *** lame I know

Look at him, hes a future pedophile for sure. Or rather a punk inspired Vivi who still has no sense of style. Too many metal...things on there. Oh and now this makes sense why I was so slow and died so many times. HES COVERED IN METAL!

So now I start to play and....its literally exactly like DotA. Everything EXACT. Now what I hope is that they actually add stuff to the game like more maps, which would be a great addition. Im sure they are going to add more maps actually since there was a level select screen, but with only one map.

Since I suck at DotA in general, I found this to be the same thing. I get killed somehow out of nowhere, and because of that every other people gets ahead of me by 5 levels and I become completely useless to the team.


PS. If you want a beta invite. Tell me why I should give you one.