There are quite a few ads out there that just annoy me to no end. The ad is so bad that it cements the fact that I will not have anything to do with what the ad is promoting. So, I'm going to highlight the worst of the worse offenders in this realm.

First up and probably the one I can't stand the most is McDonalds. To be more specific their current commercial for coffee. It is the one where the guy cannot be bothered with anyone until he has his coffee. In case you haven't seen it I provided it below.

This guy needs a good strong fist to the face to wake him up in the morning. Why would McDonalds have such a jerk as the main focus of their ad. I guess its not enough to have coffee wake people up it must also make you sociable in the morning. Now McDonalds is hit or miss. I found their Fillet-o-Fish commercial hilarious, so they do have good ads. I just cannot stand the coffee one do to the character in it.

The next offenders have yet to produce an ad that has influenced me in anyway. The entire auto industry bases their advertising on deception. If a car has horrible statistics and pricing they will take on of two avenues. The first is showing the car driving around in some exotic place to make it look like you could do that too. Example below

The other option is to show people being "cool" because they drive that car. If a car has good pricing but horrible features/statistics they just ram the price down your throat. If a car has horrible pricing but good features they then ram the features down your throat. Example below

I have never spoken to anyone who was actually influenced to buy a car based on its commercial. Common sense allows most people to quickly see through their ploy of highlighting the positives about the car, as they should, by taking it over the top. I think car commercials would be more effective if they were rooted more in reality than some crazy dream world.

Finally the commercials of local lawyers. Not much to say here. Watch the videos below.

In general advertising needs to get more creative or appeal to the direct needs of the consumer. Until that time we can look forward to more annoying and terrible advertisements.