Video games appeal to almost everyone these days. They have influenced alot of pop culture and continue to push forward. In this process it has inspired people to create things around video games such as art or music. However film is the closest thing to video games and where the  lines can truly be blurred. Mega 64 is a show with a video game centric theme made by video game fans.

Mega 64 is created by Rocco Botte, Derrick Acosta, and Shawn Chatfield. They started out in the early 2000's making their show, Mega 64, for public access. The shows plot is that in the not to distant future the sinister Dr. Poque creates a new game console that connects right to a players brain allowing them to play older games in real life. He has kidnapped two beta test subjects Rocko and Derek to test out the Mega 64. He also has his roommate Horatio and assistant Marcus. The show started out with story taking somewhat of a back seat to the skits they filmed about the games themselves. If you have seen the Tetris video or the Paperboy video than you have seen a Mega 64 skit. However as the show progressed the story improved greatly and was on par if not better than the skits themselves. The show never did air on public access and is only available on DVD  from the Mega 64 website.

In addition to the show the guys also do commercials and ads for games, the VGAs, GDC, E3, and others. On top of that they do a weekly live podcast on Sunday nights at 7pm PST on UStream. They talk about games, movies, TV, world events, and things that have happened to them. Mega 64 also attends most of the big conventions as they always have a booth at Comic Con, Anime Expo, and PAX, this year they are attending PAX East as well. They also go to E3, GDC, and Tokyo Games Show. They have done a really good job of getting themselves out their in the industry events.

The brand of comedy used by Mega 64 is a unique blend of different styles. Sometimes relying on physical humor and other times using witty or subtle humor and yet other times they use the awkwardness of a situation to fantastic results. As of right now there is Mega 64 version 1 and version 2. To see the progression from Version 1 episode 1 to Version2 episode 6 is quite amazing as they make giant leaps in acting, cinematography, writing, directing, scope, and more. The highly anticipated Mega 64 Version 3 has been due out for sometime, but all signs point to a summer 2010 release.

I highly recommend you check out their website to see some of their video skits and if you like what you see you can buy their DVDs right from their site and/or get a poster or shirt. They also have YouTube accounts where they post random things they film in everyday life. I like their style of comedy and share many of their viewpoints on issues, so I relate to their work strongly. I look forward to getting to meet them at PAX East.