Programming is often viewed as an arcane science. Few understand it and most don't care to. Getting started with programming is not an easy task as you will quickly find out if you're cut out for it or not. Often times you can feel lost in all the idiosyncrasies that come with learning to code. Not to mention that different coding languages have their own little quirks that can only be learned over time. There are moments when you feel that you will never get it and really doubt that you have what it takes. There are times when you will want to give up. Eventually after wandering around enough you will emerge from that dark forest into a sunlight meadow as a battle hardened coder. Everything will start to click and things you found difficult will become second nature. You will pick up on new things with ease and apply them to what you already knew. At this point you are a coding wizard and can handle almost anything thrown at you. You wander the land completing quests and gaining experience and knowledge.

The above paints an epic picture of life as a programmer. In reality it is not quite as glorious, but there is no better feeling when everything starts to click. In fact most of the time hours are spent going over code that does not work or researching a way around a problem that has no simple solution. Energy drinks can be your friend and your worst enemy as it can be tough to stay mentally sharp for the long stretches that are needed to get things done. As I said this is not for everyone, but I suggest trying it out at least. Even simple things that you can make to use on your own computer, I have my own music player/organizer, is worth the try. The feeling you get when you have a finished product that you created all by yourself is fantastic.