I have been playing Modern Warfare 2 since its release. I have found that there are a variety of douchebags in the game. They all have their own category and I must admit that I have joined their ranks on more than one ocassion. In the interest of spreading the word I will go over the various mutations of these douches.

The Camper

The most prevalent and also the most likely one you will succumb to. The Camper will hide in corners, doorways, stairwells, rooftops, and other odd areas just to wait to shoot you when you walk by. Some are worse than others as the game does encourage camping. Many will fall prey to this common *** mutation. Th truly elite campers will find spots that will pretty much make them invincible. Often the only way to root out a camper is to succumb to the next *** mutation.

The Noob Tuber

The Noob Tuber finds joy in using grenade launchers and only grenade launchers. They will rain grenades down on the map and it almost always feels like a cheap kill. When adding the grenade launcher attachment with the other available launchers, namely the Thumper, the Noob Tuber is in heaven. It is not all negative with this one though as it is the only thing that can get out a good camper. Noob Tuber always beats Camper. Everyone must go through a Noob Tuber stage to get challenges so this is a temporary mutation for some. The ones that stick with it well after the challenge are the true Noob Tubers.

Super Soldier


This explains it all


Care Package Thieves/Babies

For some reason this person thinks its perfectly ok to steal things that do not belong to them. The other variation who think its better for the other team to get their care package instead of you getting it. These two are probably the most anger inducing of the douchebags. First the Thieves. When someone calls in a care package or emergency airdrop why would you steal it? The only exception to this rule is if the person who called it in has died. In that case yes take it. This leads into the Babies. They expect you to give your life defending their care package so they can come back and get it. They would rather the other team got it then someone on their own team take it. Both of these mutations lead to arguments and team killing.  It is a sad thing to see and worse to experience.

Team Killers

They have become more rare these days. Outright teamkillers can bring the fun of a game to a grinding halt and the match to a swift end. Something in their brain goes retarded and they think their own teammates are the enemy. Team killing is fairly self explanatory and is not tolerated by anyone. Due to how harshly it is looked upon it has started to become extinct. Accidental team kills will happen, but not acknowledging your mistake puts you very close to being one of these douchebags.


Not much explanation here. They ruin the game totally making them *** Supremes.


Have you found any other *** mutations in MW2?