Like many people I attended a midnight launch for Modern Warfare 2. I arrived at 10:30 to find almost 75 people in line already. The Gamestop employees were policing the line and handing out Monster energy drink shots. It was odd that the entire parking lot was totally empty and no one was around except the massive group at the Gamestop. I don't know a full count of the people but if I estimated it was almost 200 people in line. While the above picture is a generic internet picture my experience was similar just substitute Gamestation for Gamestop. I was mazed with the number of cigarettes people were going through. Had I known I would have setup a stand selling cigarettes and made a small fortune.

As it got closer to 12:00 the buzz got louder. I don't know if it was coincidence or on purpose but with 5 minutes till midnight the lights, similar to those in the above picture, lighting up the sidewalk went off. Finally at midnight the doors opened and the cheers went up. I have to say they got people in and out very fast and did a great job with the release.


So any crazy stories form the midnight launch?