Last weekend a bunch of the guys I work with and I got together for our Bi-Annual LAN Party. It runs from Firday afternoon to early Saturday morning. Then picks up noon time Saturday and ends early Sunday morning. We all bring our PCs hook em up and then frag, conquer, and yell straight through. I have found that this is the best multiplayer experience out there. It beats online because your in the same room and it beats split screen because its not split screen. Now into the details.

In total we numbered 10 people. We all had a section of table to setup on. Monitor size ranged from 28"(mine) to a 19" widescreen. Most were 22" monitors so it got tight on the table. Half of us have the same Antec 900 case and the rest have similar style. Naturally between the body heat and electronics it was quite hot. Luckily we have become masters of ventilation at this point and was able to keep the room cool. After arguing abut what to play first we fired up Call of Duty 5 and let the fun begin.

The scene is basically screams of triumph, screams of anger, and hysterical laughter. However when we slide to strategy games the room goes quiet as we each plan and work toward the demise of our fellow game players. As a death blow is struck there is a shout joy and a sigh of disappointment. This goes on for hours. This particular time we ran from Friday at 3:00pm to Saturday 3:00AM and then Satruday 12:00pm to Sunday 3:30AM. Our games rotation consisted of CoD5, CoD4, Left 4 Dead, Dawn of War, Starcraft, Age of Chivalry, and Unreal Tournament 3. All in all it was a great time and we look forward to our next one in the spring.

So, anyone else have any LAN party stories? Share them here.