Lately more and more celebrities are getting into games with voice acting. With the many celebrity voice actors in the Grand Theft Auto series to Kiefer Sutherland in Call of Duty 5 and now 50 Cent in Modern Warfare 2 they are becoming more and more the norm. However is this a good thing or a bad thing?

The real question here is do they really add anything to the game that a regular voice actor won't? Well the obvious answer is the star power and press it will receive would probably be greater. Other than that they do not provide any real benefit as far as I am concerned. Do they give better performances? That is debatable and really isn't a significant part of the argument.

If anything you'd think they would up the cost of development as they now have to pay a celebrity to do voice overs, which I can guarantee costs more than a normal voice actor. I can go along with it if they really want to be involved and love the game, but if they do it to boost their popularity or to collect an easy paycheck I'd rather they not do it. We have all seen how painfully awkward some celebrities are at the Video Games Awards. They appear to be a fish out of water and it shows they have little to no knowledge of what they are talking about. However its an award show and the cool place to be so they go. I would rather only the celebrities who cared to play and were involved in games did these types of things.

So, how do you feel about celebrities doing voice acting or being involved in video game culture in general?