How do we end up with the heroes that we currently have? What went wrong with the other attempted heroes? Sometimes it is possible to wonder why did Batman, Spiderman, Superman, and the X-Men become so big while others faded as quickly as they appeared. What gave these other characters staying power? Was it the writing, artwork, or storylines?

Try and imagine if instead of someone writing Superman they chose to instead write Vibe, the hero on the right. Would Superman have been a minor hero who is later killed off and Vibe be one of the biggest heroes of all time? Its hard to tell. What makes one hero interesting and the other not? Most comic book heroes have similar back stories and adventures, yet there are a select few who take off and are popular while the rest are left to play second fiddle. Even some heroes who are considered popular pale in comparison to the likes of Superman.

This also crosses over to video games. Some characters are adored while others are quickly forgotten. Mario is a juggernaut of video game characters, yet does anyone fondly remember Tomba? I don't think so. Now in games if the game is bad the character can be forgotten easily, but there have been successful games where the characters are just not interesting despite the developer trying to make them so.

So, what makes a character memorable? Is it the experience around them? Their personality? Their looks? I cannot answer this question myself. I just find that I like the character and can't really explain why. I'd be interested to get others thoughts on this matter.