Every couple months people attempting to pronouncing PC gaming as dead. Console only players are baffled by what it is people play on the PC and see it as dead. I must admit that from the outside it looks quite dead. PC gaming has the appearance of a rotting tree. In fact that is the perfect metaphor for the current state of PC gaming. It is no longer a towering giant. It has fallen to the ground. Yet if you peel off some of that rotting bark you will find underneath the surface that it is teeming with life.

While the triple A titles are shying away from the PC more and more it has caused PC gamers to look elsewhere. What we have found is there are a wealth of lesser known games that are fantastic. One thing you will not find on consoles is user created content that truly changes the game. Whether it be a mod, content pack, or tweaks there is a boatload of content for the games that are out there. This extra content keeps games fresh for much longer than most on the console. Where as the consoles have become a cutthroat here today gone tomorrow environment games on the PC have much longer staying power.

One big thing is savings. Ask any Xbox user how they feel when they have to pay for map packs while they are free on the PC. Content and the games themselves are cheaper on the PC. You may need some patience as they are trending towards releasing extra content for the PC after console, but the free price tag makes it easily worth the wait.

There is also a teeming independent games scene on the PC. One of the big driving factors of this is Valve's digital distribution system Steam. They give an avenue of exposure to games that would otherwise rely on word of mouth to get around. With some fantastic indie games out almost year round there is never a shortage of games to play. Many games that end up on Xbox Arcade or Sony's Download Service have already been out on the PC for some time.

In closing the only way to truly judge anything is from the inside. So, the only ones who can truly pronounce PC gaming as dead are those who are in it. The PC gamers themselves will get to make that proclamation and we don't expect to making any announcements anytime soon.