It seems to me that movies today are just a shadow of what they once were. If they aren't an adaptation, remake, or sequel then they are mostly full CGI with voice over work. It has gotten so bad that we know accept moves as being good when 10 years ago they would have been poor at best. Whether it is the lack of ideas or the lack of creativity I don't know.

What worries me is video games seem to be heading down that same road. With sequels that don't nearly live up to the original or rereleases on new platforms. The creativity seems to be getting sucked out of games and alot faster than it did with movies. Granted the rate of growth between the two is not comparable so maybe this is just a lull. Lets get some examples shall we?

Gran Turismo is a series that is dear to its fans hearts. I enjoyed playing it as well. However when they take years and years and come out with another racing game that is basically like the last one I just get bored of that and turn to something else. At least some other racing games have tried to add new features to their games to liven it up. I can appreciate a game for trying and would rather see the game try at something and fail than stick to the same formula year in and year out. Another example is every sports game that releases yearly. Why can't we get one every other year with just roster updates in between? Oh because those franchises are cash cows thats why. Take an extra year off and come back with something truly new. How innovative can you get in one year?

To finish this out all hope is not lost. With video games becoming more widespread and the tools to make them also being more widespread we will hopefully get an infusion of new ideas that will revatilize the creative spirit in the industry.