I finally got my hands on a shiny new iPhone 5, and since this is my first foray into the land of hyper-connected super smart genius phones, I'm a little light on the personalizations. I've been cranking out ringtones and alerts from my enormous library of studio sounds and effects, and now it's time for some wallpapers. Since I pretty much do nothing with my free design time other than create images for my GI blog, I'm stacked to the gigs with image after image of gaming related designs. Add to that the fact that all I pretty much do when I'm not in my design programs is cycle through my library of games, and it's safe to say that the only wallpapers my iPhone will ever see will have at least something to do with video games. Of course, if Keira Knightley ever sends me that image I keep asking for (restraining order pending), all wallpapers will immediately be sent to their digital deaths. But really, what are the odds (my bookie has it at 1 in a trillion to the trillionth power)

All restraining orders aside, I have a few wallpapers if anyone's interested. Since GI.com restricts widths to 610px and the iPhone 5's template is 1136px x 640px, that pesky little 30 pixels means that the images I'm posting are going to have to be scaled up. Now scaling up is an absolute no-no in the broadcast design world. It's so ingrained in my sensibilities that it literally makes me uncomfortable to watch someone do it. And since I won't be able to sleep at night knowing that people are out there scaling up my designs, I'm going to add a link under each that will direct you over to my extremely underused Deviant Art account where you'll find them in their original sizes. I know some of you are just gonna grab them here and scale them up, so all I ask is please don't tell me you're doing it. It makes me feel dirty. Enjoy.


•• If you're like me you've been waiting on Bioshock Infinite since taking Lamb down. With it literally right around the corner, I had to make a couple of Infinite wallpapers ••




•• I still haven't gotten around to posting either a review or blog about XCOM:Enemy Unknown, but that's mainly because all I've been doing is playing it. I'm a noob in the RTS world, and XCOM is my first go at it, but this thing is incredible. Now if I could only beat it on Easy. ••




•• You know, I still haven't finished Assassin's Creed III. Aside for the original, this is my absolute favorite in the series and I still haven't run it all the way through. I guess with Infinite coming out next week it'll have to wait another month. ••



•• Minecraft will never, ever, ever get old for me. This thing is in the permanent rotation. My gaming day almost always includes a couple of hours of Minecraft. ••



•• I've been playing around with a Gameinformer design for a while now. I must have about a dozen different images at this point. I actually posted 2 separate images, which was completely stupid, but one was for the Lock Screen and one for the Home Screen. They are exactly the same, only the logo is shifted down. If you're not as stupid as I am, one will do (this is the Lock Screen). ••



So there they are. With the way I've been cranking these outs, more will definitely be coming.


EDIT: Oops.. Completely forgot to post the Black Ops II wallpaper.