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Aliens vs Predator PC Demo Impressions

As you've probably already been informed, the demo for British developer Rebellion's newest game, Aliens vs Predator has been released. Now, being that I've never played any of the previous AvP games, and never watched any of the Alien, Predator, or AvP movies, my knowledge of the AvP universe is limited, so bear with me ;) .


Colonial Marine

The Colonial Marine, being the only class that can use guns, gives people, including myself, the impression that it'll be the easiest class to pick up and play. Well, i can say right now, it's not. Being that you're fighting Aliens and Predators, and not other humans, playing the marine is drastically different from other FPS's like Battlefield or Call of Duty, but once you get the hang of it, he's quite a force to be reckoned with. Having access to Shotguns and Grenades gives the marine an upper hand against the other two races; Aliens can only take so many shotgun shells to that scrawny body of theirs, and Grenades can make quick work of Predators either closing in for a melee kill or locking on to you with their shoulder cannon. Playing as the other two races against the marine made head on assaults suicide.



Having access to Heat Vision, Xenomorph Vision, Shoulder Cannons, Mines, and Cloaking makes the Predator the ideal class for those who prefer to stick to the shadows and hunt their prey. To give players the best Predator "feel" they could, they tweaked the controls from what you might be used to. Instead of scrolling through your weapons, Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 will always be your melee attacks, and Mouse 3 will be your "secondary weapon". This means that if your targeting an unsuspecting marine with your shoulder cannon, but an Alien sneaks up behind you, you can immediately respond with your wrist blades instead of having to scroll all the way back to them. Also, rather than have Sprint be mapped to Shift, instead, it's mapped to Q. This is because Shift is this sort of special jump ability. When holding Shift, your reticule changes to an indicator that allows you to jump any surface within your reach. This makes traversing environments much less of a pain, as you will never miss your jump.



My favorite class, the Alien is exactly what you'd expect him to be, he can crawl on all surfaces, he's fast, and he's the other two race's worst nightmare. The Alien especially stands out because of his lack of a HUD, all there really is is your reticule, but it displays where you can and can't jump, and which way is down. Playing as the Alien, you can go anywhere on the map, giving you a massive upper hand against the other two races. Avoiding head-on attacks, and stalking your prey is always you best approach. Other players around you have Red (Fellow Aliens are green) outlines, Left 4 Dead style, which makes stalking your prey all the easier.


Well, that just about raps it up. Let me just say, I very much enjoyed the demo, and i recommend it to anyone who like FPS's  with a twist.

~Thanks for Reading!