Recently, it seems like Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward has garnered enough controversy it would make Grand Theft Auto blush. Me, being the person that i am, decided to drop a few sarcastic comments about them and leave it at that. Recently, however, this one guy i go to school with has been talking about these videos as if they were the greatest form of entertainment on the planet. He's been talking to people at our lunch table (although most people just ignore him) about how "fun it's gonna be to play as a terrorist" and how "cool Infinity Ward is for saying 'Pussies' in one of their videos". Please note that this is the guy who praises KillZone 2's story like it was the Bible, talks to people about how cool his online friends are, and talks about Fawkes and Vault Boy as if they were real people. For once in my life, i actually spoke up, and said that IW's grenade spam video was one of the most immature videos i had seen in awhile. he didn't respond to me directly, but he sent me plenty of unbelievably childish Hatemail over PSN. Being the person i am, i deleted all the mail before i read most of it; I don't have to waste my time reading a barely legible sentence conveying how "gay" I am. Now, you might be asking "Why did you feel you have to write about this in your blog?", well, i was just utterly shocked at the stupidity of some people, and wanted the opinions of fellow GameInformer Users.