While I'm still trying to figure out exactly what a "blog" is, I'd like to present some great mods, available to anyone who owns a copy of the Orange Box, Counter Strike: Source, Left 4 Dead, or Day of Defeat: Source.

Perfect Dark: Source

The first mod I'd like to bring to your attention is Perfect Dark: Source. This is (obviously) a remake of the original Perfect Dark(except it's multiplayer only). While i can't really compare the original to this, because I've never played the original, it seems like it won't disappoint to Perfect Dark veterans and newcomers alike. unfortunately, this mod suffers one crippling flaw, lack of players. In fact, this mod has no servers at all. which is very saddening to see, since this mod has great promise. If you'd like to try it out, you can download it here

Goldeneye: Source

Next up is Goldeneye: Source. Like PDS, this is a multiplayer only remake of the original. I can say right away that this is a fantastic mod, and anyone looking for a good mod is in for a treat. Again, i've never played the original, but i can tell that this mod does the original great justice. You can download this phenomenal mod here

Resistance & Liberation

Finally, we have Resistance & Liberation. No, it is not a remake of anything, and yes, it is a WWII mod. Now before you throw this in the ever-growing pile of overused WWII games, i highly recommend you try this out. Fans of DICE's Battlefield Series will be very pleased, for It is incredibly realistic and team-oriented. and by "team-oriented", i mean "stick with your squad, or your screwed". While lack of players, and Rambos (players that don't stick with your team, and inevitably die) tend to ruin this mod a little, when you're playing on a good server, it's endless fun. You can download it here


Now, i know I'm not the best at explaining things, but that's what the links are for right? Anyway, anyone willing to play these mods, my Steam ID is FollowerofKane

I hope you guys enjoy these mods! :D