Hello fellow interwebians (that's right, I just made that up.) with all the great news of next gen consoles coming soon and all the amazing games that have been announced for next gen, one game in particular has gotten my attentio. I feel that this game has become overlooked because of the type of game it is. What is this game, you might ask? Well....

Not what you were expecting?

Now before you get your pitchforks and or other internet mob weapons, hear me out. First, what is the biggest game genre out on the market as of right now? If you answered "shooters" you would probably be correct. I don't know exact numbers for each genre, but I would think it's a pretty safe bet to say the shooter genre is the dominating genre in gaming. I can go to GameStop, Steam or pretty much any store that has videogames for sell and find more games in the shooter genre than anything else. Why is that? Because they sell. Game companies are for profit, whether you like it or not, and they try to make what sells. The Call of Duty franchise makes millions, possibly billions. I don't know the exact numbers. It would only make sense that companies are going to try to be like Call of Duty. Sure, there are other types of games and things, but the fact of the matter is that most games are some type of shooter or have shooter mechanics.

Now how does this relate to Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare? With all the different shooters on the market today, I feel that this game is a great way to introduce someone who is younger into the shooter franchise. What better way to get kids or people who don't play shooters into that type of game than with plants shooting zombies and vice versa?  Most shooters today are along the more violent side of things. Even some of the ones you might classify as more "cartoony" could easily be considered not for children. Team Fortress 2 is an extremely fun game, but it is definitely not for children when you can blow up a person into pieces.

This could very well be possible...

I think of most of the gamers of today with the average age being in that 20-35 age range. Most have children or will be having children. I feel that this would be a great way to be able to introduce your kid into the shooter genre of games without blood and guts everywhere. Sure, when they are older they might want to play those types of games, but that would be for a later time. Having that fun cartoon style, and having the multiple different ways to play be it coop or competitive, I feel Plants vs Zombies is a game that will be great for being able to start wetting your toes in the shooter genre without being overwhelmed. Being able to play something that I imagine both adults and kids can enjoy, and it being a shooter without lots of gore, is a very hard thing to do. With the type of gameplay I have seen so far from the game, I feel that this is a game parents would be able to play with their kids and eventually they could use that experience from playing this game and possibly move onto other more mature shooters or other games. It seems like a perfect stepping stone for some of those kids who want something a little more than what they have now, without being too violent or gory.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think this could possibly be a good game for what I have described? Do you think it matters what kids play? Do you think I am crazy? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.