The other day I was talking to some people over the magical interwebs, and the subject of Fallout 4 came up. The reason it came up is we were talking about the PS4 and next gen gaming. And that got me thinking. When Fallout 4 comes out, what are some things that it should have to be even better than the last two? So I started to brainstorm, and came up with a couple of ideas I think would make Fallout 4 even better than previous Fallout games.


How awesome would it be to play as a Super Mutant from the D.C. area? Or even play as a robot who was built somewhere in the New Vegas area and became self-aware or something like that? I think it would be really cool to be able to play as some of the different types of races/things you encounter throughout the Fallout games. Obviously you wouldn't be able to play as some things like Radroaches or things that can't exactly talk... But I want to be able to play as a Super Mutant and rip peoples arms off or something like that.

With each class and race you could have different attributes or passive skills for each of the different races you play as. And with each of those different races you could play as you would also want to try to have a different backstory or history.  If I play as a robot, I don't want my history to be exactly the same as the Super Mutant and vice versa. Having diversity in the starting story would be able to affect how people talk to you or how certain quests might play out due to your backstory and race.

Passive learning with weapons, skills, etc. 

The skill system worked pretty well in Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but I thought there could be improvements. Instead of dropping points into this skill or that skill, make it like I actually am in a wasteland, and the only way for me to survive and get stronger is actually use those skills to make them better. Sort of like the Skyrim type of progression where you actually have to use those skills to level up and improve your skills in different areas.

Survival was a skill used in New Vegas in multiple ways, but was mostly used for cooking things. The higher it got the more things you could cook. Maybe in Fallout 4, when you start out you could only cook simple things like Mole Rat meat over a fire. As you cook more and more, I should be able to make more and more complex foods.

Same goes for the weapons.  I want to be able to use things like pistols and other weapons and slowly increase my skills with them over time to increase damage and possibly get special skills to use with certain guns. I think having level progression like this could improve the overall wasteland explorer feeling and setting if you actually had to use skills to improve them.

Larger crafting and repairing system 


Armor and clothing

On that note, another thing I want to see improvement in is the repairing system. In Fallout 3 and New Vegas, whenever you had to repair something you always had to use the exact same item to repair it. In Fallout 4, I want to be able to repair anything with pretty much anything else. Imagine being able to repair something like combat armor with something like sexy sleepwear. It could also be reflected in the visuals of the game as well. If I do repair that combat armor with sexy sleepwear, I want to see bits of cloth from the sleepwear in the combat armor. I think it would add to that feeling of being in a post-apocalyptic wasteland seeing bits and pieces from different clothing patched into others.


One thing I really enjoyed it Fallout New Vegas was the crafting system. I thought it was very unique and cool that I could make my own types of bullets with special properties, like hollow tips or fire rounds from different bullet casings and other components. In Fallout 4, I want them to take that one step farther. I think it would be a really cool thing to be able to make all kinds of different things to shoot out of a gun/weapon.  Imagine being able to shoot poison tipped bullets at Raiders or being able to make explosive rounds.

Weapons could also be improved in how you could repair them. I think it would also be cool if you could customize guns themselves. I think it would be awesome for you to be able to repair weapons with ramshackle components you could find scattered around the wasteland sort of like how you could make different types of bullets. Adding different firing pins or a different barrel could make a gun fire faster or stronger. If nothing else, at the very least let me customize how my gun looks.

That being said, I would also want the appearance of the weapons to change depending on what I am putting on my gun or using to customize it. I want to be able to add different things to it to make it even that much more my own story of my own experiences in the wasteland. I just think of being able to have an empty bottle for a sight or maybe even a Deathclaw finger; how awesome would that be?

Those are some of the things I can think of right now. I'm sure there are more but I will end it at that. What about you people? Thoughts on what I chose? Thoughts on anything you think I might have missed? Leave a comment below letting me know how wrong I am.